Diet alone is not enough

Diet alone is not enough in aiding the production of the anti-oxidants needed to fight off free radicals in the body. If you dont generate enough anti-oxidants you are making your body vulnerable to oxidative stress brought about by these free radicals. Ignoring oxidative stress means ignoring the damaging cells which have been linked to a multitude of maladies including cancer, certain heart diseases and rapid aging. Some of you may be aware of free radicals if you are undergoing certain dietary and nutritional programs that can aid in the wellbeing of their health.

Super food is another term for anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants are produced naturally in the body as the first line of defence against  free radicals. But once the production of free radicals is more than the body can handle, certain anti-oxidant supplements are called for  to aid the production of anti-oxidants in the body. Free radicals are electrons gone haywire wreaking havoc in the system. They are formed through poor lifestyle choices and even natural metabolism. In the past the majority of individuals compensated enough with the body producing specific amounts of anti-oxidants freely but because certain poor habits are incorporated as time passes anti-oxidants gradually disappear.

This also strengthens the number of free radical and may result in our bodies producing more of them than we can handle. Pollutants such as cigarette and industrial smoke, alcohol, herbicides and pesticides, along with a slew of negative elements flying around the environment compound the situation. The desperate struggle to detoxify the body from these pollutants, becomes more harmful than good. The liver which is responsible for this process, also produces free radicals. Add a diet which is high in fat sugar and highly processed food and you have a deadly equation waiting to explode.

Natural food like vegetables and fruits are a good source of vitamins C and E which contain anti-oxidants.  However as there are many preservatives and chemicals involved in the production of our food, natural anti-oxidants are poorly supplied and in turn free radicals are produced. That is why a ton of professionals seek out the natural source of vitamins C & E in traditional sources such as fruits and vegetables. A balanced diet, adequate nourishment and a healthy lifestyle can be the key in battling free radicals.

Ignoring vegetables and fruits because of a fast and unhealthy lifestyle is common nowadays. In fact research shows that 25 percent of Americans digest only 40mg of vitamin C from what they eat every day. Adequate nourishment includes supplements that can be found from a host of sources one of which is the OPC-3 or Oligomeric ProanthoCyanidins element .  OPC-3 is known to be 70 times more potent than vitamin C and E combined and is a major source of anti-oxidants. Deficiency of anti-oxidants is borne out of an unhealthy lifestyle and because they are increasing all the time, we all need daily supplements that will support our own lifestyle in the present.