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Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Building an Inclusive Workplace

This is a guide to building an inclusive workplace by embracing diversity, equity and inclusion. Hiring a diverse workforce, addressing unconscious bias and proper training can help you build an inclusive workplace.

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I am Eric Bailey, Global Motivational speaker and corporate workshop facilitator. I have customized presentations for people in 13 different countries with over 5,000 people in attendance at a session.

As someone who has always believed in fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), I’m excited to share my thoughts on how organizations can promote these values within their workplaces.

With the rise of social media and movements like the Women’s March, biases and issues in the workplace have come into sharper focus, creating a real need for change, embracing diversity.

When we embrace diversity and inclusion in the workplace, not only can we boost productivity and engagement, but we can also enhance problem-solving by incorporating different viewpoints and approaches.

Let’s see what is embracing diversity and how to create diversity in the workplace.

Chapter 1 | Addressing Unconscious Bias

As a leader, I’ve consistently recognized the importance of addressing unconscious bias within my team and promoting awareness of its impact. I educate my team on the adverse effects of unconscious prejudice and the importance of avoiding reinforcing biases.

Sign that says ‘’ break the bias’’
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I encourage self-reflection and provide resources such as educational lectures, reference books, and open discussions to promote understanding and overcome unconscious bias within the workplace.

Chapter 2 | Fostering an Inclusive Culture

Creating an inclusive culture requires intentional efforts, which I’m passionate about. I work hard to create an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

I establish clear guidelines against discrimination and promote open dialogue. I encourage diverse voices to be heard and actively seek input from individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.

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Chapter 3 | Diverse Hiring and Promotions

I firmly believe in promoting diversity and equity in all aspects, including hiring and promotions. I implement inclusive recruitment practices that attract many candidates and ensure fair evaluation processes.

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Also, I establish diverse interview panels and evaluate candidates based on their skills and qualifications. I provide all employees with equal opportunities for career advancement, mentoring, and professional development.

Chapter 4 | Training and Education

Investing in DEIB training programs is critical for creating a forward-thinking workplace, so I prioritize offering workshops and seminars that focus on understanding privilege, cultural sensitivity, and unconscious bias for all of my employees.

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I create opportunities for my employees to engage in ongoing learning and dialogue about DEIB topics. I encourage participation in external diversity conferences and invite experts to share insights and best practices.

Chapter 5 | Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are essential to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels heard and valued. As someone who has experienced being underrepresented in the past, I know how critical it is to have a safe space to connect and share experiences.

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If you’re a leader looking to change, supporting and encouraging ERGs can make a real difference. They provide valuable feedback to leadership and can be an advocate for inclusivity. Actively engaging with ERGs can also help you cultivate a better organizational policy.

Learn more about how to create an Inclusive Workplace Culture.


I’ve been dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace for a long time, and it’s a continuous journey. It requires commitment from leaders, but it’s worth it.

Addressing unconscious bias, fostering an inclusive culture, implementing diverse hiring and promotion practices, providing education, and supporting employee resource groups can create a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued.

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