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Energize Your Team with NBA Finals Championship Energy: Eric Bailey Motivational Speaker, Inspirational speaker.

Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness — Activate Your Transformation — Harvesting Greatness —

Eric Bailey's Slam Dunk Segments River 94.9

What people are saying

“Eric’s ability to connect and engage with people almost immediately sets him apart. This combined with his ability to help people see their potential and bring out the best in them and their teams makes Eric a phenomenal speaker for any business or organization.”
Fabe Keily Founder & CEO Empowering Women Network
“Our company, River 949 has engaged Eric on many occasions both off-air and on-air and he has quickly become an invaluable asset to our radio station and team. His insights, advice and easy to understand training sessions help make us one of the most successful radio stations in Australia. I would thoroughly recommend Eric Bailey to any business that needs a professional lift! ”
David Wiltshire GM Radio River 94.9
“Eric is one of the best speakers I have worked with, his professionalism and approach were second to none. He took time to understand the needs of the organisation and his ability to read the audience and target messages was spot on. Eric is a multi dimensional speaker that you could have back time and time again because of his agile approach to audiences both large and small. Highly Recommended. ”
Bianca Panozzo Co Founder & COO Express Retail Group
“Eric really wowed our company staff offsite recently. He had over 100 of us completely absorbed in his amazing story, which he skillfully then transitioned into a high-energy session focusing on the personal development goals of the individual. It was unforgettable, and I can’t recommend Eric highly enough to lead any development/strategy session for other groups. ”
Sarah Hegarty Director of Business Development Solomom Legal
“His drive and enthusiasm is a great fit with our business as he talks with such motivation and passion. If your business is looking for an edge in staff development and motivation, Eric Bailey CSP, is your man.”
Craig Truscott, Australasia Operation Manager, Foot Locker Australia Inc.
“Comments back from staff were very positive and with your help we have achieved our sales goals this quarter. 4KQ has been tremendously impressed at your ability to motivate and activate people to achieve their full potential.”
Peter McCahon, General Sales Manager, Australian Radio Network, Wess Communications
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The Power within

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Eric Ignites Your Team To Championship Status

Gary Maple Sales Manager GCI Group

I can’t say enough great things about Eric Bailey Global. He inspires and motivates through every workshop at all levels of our business. Eric really connects with his audience and inspires positive motivation to truly get everyone to be the best version possible of themselves, not only valuable in the workspace but in our personal lives as well. Hire this guy today!

How Eric work with clients!

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Inquiry and Contact

Contact me to express interest in booking a motivational speaking engagement.

Step 2

Agreement and Confirmation

Finalize the agreement and secure the booking by reviewing and negotiating the proposal.

Step 3

Speech Delivery and Support

Deliver an impactful motivational speech and provide post-event support for maximum impact.

How Can I Help Make Your Event Exceptional?

Please complete the form below, tell me more about your upcoming event and I will be in touch with you soon.

Enjoying being The Speaker

Going For Gold | Eric Bailey Global

Available now

Introducing "Going For Gold: Living Your Personal Best" by Eric Bailey

“Going For Gold” is like your ultimate guide to being awesome and feeling fulfilled. Whether you wanna crush it at work, have better relationships, or just be happier overall, Eric’s got your back. He’ll give you the push you need to go beyond what you thought was possible and be your best self.
Seriously, you gotta get your hands on this book. It’s a game-changer. Click the links below to buy it from all the big bookstores and start your journey to becoming a total boss.

Eric's Quotes

The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
Passion keeps you focussed on your vision.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
Your ability isn’t dependent on what you perceive as your limitations. You are perfect for your purpose.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
Whatever you were born to do, you are equipped to get it done.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
If you want to succeed at something, first you must make it a priority.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
When you discover your dreams, you will also discover your ability.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
You will never be successful in your vision until you truly understand your potential.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
The ability to see yourself in the future begins with the realization that the future starts in the present.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
To motivate is to take a broken state of mind and mend it with a CHAMPION attitude.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker
The difference between success and failure is really how you look at it.

Eric Bailey

Global Motivational Speaker

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Transform Your Life: A Journey of Inspiration


Live Your Best Life: Discover Life After 60

4 key fundamentals

Master the Championship DNA

Unlock Your Potential with Eric Bailey's 4 Key Fundamentals

Discover how Eric Bailey, a renowned expert in personal development, can guide you on a transformative journey to master the 4 Key Fundamentals of Championship DNA. With his proven strategies and unwavering passion, Eric empowers individuals to unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.

Key 1

Personalized Coaching:

Gain exclusive access to personalized coaching sessions with Eric Bailey himself. Drawing upon his 30 years of experience and global speaking engagements, Eric will work closely with you to identify your unique strengths, challenges, and goals. He will provide tailored guidance and strategies to help you excel in every aspect of your life and develop the mindset of a true champion. Find out More

Key 2

Dynamic Workshops:

Immerse yourself in Eric's dynamic workshops, where he unpacks the 4 Key Fundamentals of Championship DNA in a captivating and interactive format. Learn how to cultivate unwavering self-belief, harness the power of resilience, develop a winning mindset, and master effective communication. Eric's engaging style and relatable examples will inspire you to reach new heights of success. Find out More

Key 3

Transformative Resources:

Access a wealth of transformative resources, including books, online courses, and practical tools, designed to reinforce the 4 Key Fundamentals of Championship DNA and support your ongoing growth. Dive deep into Eric's insights and wisdom, and apply them to your personal and professional endeavors. These resources will serve as a constant source of inspiration and guidance on your journey to excellence. Find out More

Key 4

Inspiring Keynotes:

Experience the power of Eric Bailey's inspiring keynotes, where he shares his personal journey, insights, and strategies for success. Eric's captivating presence and ability to connect with audiences of all backgrounds make his keynotes unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impact. Through his powerful storytelling and motivational messages, Eric will ignite the fire within you to embrace your Championship DNA. Find out More

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