Your Life’s Transition – How to Deal Better Than Ever

Do you feel the rumble?

Sometimes, just when we think we have life figured out, a ‘life-earthquake’ happens. We experience something in life that shakes up what we know. We graduate from high school and prepare for college; we lose a loved one; we relocate to a new city for our career or we get married. Joyful as some of these experiences may be, they are also challenging, and require us to grow and stretch in new and unfamiliar ways. Want to be prepared for life transitions better than you have been in the past? Here’s how.

Consider visionary mentoring from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Eric Bailey has spoken to over 1.5 million people (including those oh-so-familiar folks like McDonalds, Nike, Reebok, NBA International, Hilton Hotels and many others) as well as routinely being keynote speaker for corporations, high school students and special groups. He knows how to motivate people into action, which is the perfect formula for anyone (including you!) that needs a little readjustment during any life transition you may be facing.

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~ Robert Schuller

How mentally tough are you?

Do you believe that your dreams are just beyond your grasp but don’t quite know how to act on them? Do you daydream from your cubicle about that book or restaurant you want to create but don’t know how to go about finding the start-up for it? Spend an half day with Eric Bailey, former pro-basketball player and you’ll see just what can be overcome when the will and drive is there. This is what his seminars can do for you:

  • Get ‘back in the game’ of life, wherever that may be. Many of us tend to disengage from life after experiencing personal or professional failures.  It makes sense – who wants to be repeatedly left in the dust? Engaging in the life you really want for yourself is essential, and requires the ability to persevere through all odds, which is what Eric Bailey is all about. He can show you how to fight through your own challenges in a way that makes sense for your life.
  • Redefine your lifestyle, with clear set goals. Once we have clear goals (and the little steps it takes to reach those goals) we can experience progress. With progress, comes an inspiration to keep going, and when we keep going, we go for the opportunities that life presents us. Learn how to make more money, get fit, have the means to travel or finally just feel worthy enough to make your dreams happen.
  • Explore your skills, motivations and the action required to make your dreams a reality.  When you become part of Eric Bailey’s Visionary Mentoring Program, you’ll feel connected to your goals, define your skills and keep that motivation going strong! Have several phone conferences with him per month and stay accountable for your actions. Ask him questions through email and enjoy having Eric to look up to as you make your dreams come true.
  • Fine tune your positive attitude to generate results. No one has a positive attitude without the occasional ‘bad day’. On those bad days that may make us feel that we aren’t making the progress we like (as fast as we would like) a positive example of success is crucial. Surround yourself with a visionary mentor like Eric, and you can stay focused, upbeat and with a optimistic attitude that will transform your occasional fleeting negative feelings in order to keep going.

Ready to really surround yourself with a ‘can-do’ attitude? Consider attending the 21st Century Financial Education Summit ( ), where you can see Eric Bailey in action as a keynote speaker. Ready to blow your own mind and your bosses’ mind while you’re at it? Then be sure to check back on his blog regularly for helpful tips, suggestions and advice to get your frame of mind where it should be to achieve the success you want in life.