Why do we procrastinate?

Everyone does it! Yes we all procrastinate but to what degree? Does the quality of your work and your relationships suffer as a result or do you work best under pressure? It’s important to understand the best way in which you can achieve results but if you put everything off till the next day and then the next week and then the next month, etc. I’d say you have a pretty debilitating problem!

Some people are experts at justifying why today is not the right day to do a job. Too busy. Too tired. Too time consuming. Too boring. Too broke. Too stressed. And the list goes on. To be fair sometimes the reasons are justified however; more often than not we just don’t want to do something because it is not enjoyable and we see it being a waste of our valuable time!! Does anyone really enjoy preparing their tax return? How about writing up a budget? Or just doing the household chores? How many of you are in a job you hate but you just couldn’t be bothered putting the effort in to finding something else because it means you need to learn a whole new set of rules, procedures, people and you just couldn’t be bothered? So you’d rather be miserable than potentially much happier just if you put a bit of extra work in?

Let’s look at why we do it. I believe it stems from fear. We are frightened of the possibility of being in a situation that might threaten our status quo. What we are used to. Sure – but if we let fear take hold, it’s hard to get control again. We create the fear ourselves so if we create it; we can get rid of it too!

We need to be honest with ourselves and be brave. It’s not worth being miserable for longer than you need to because you are frightened. Everyone gets frightened. You aren’t alone. Take charge of your life. Believe in yourself. Do those little jobs you hate doing first and conquer that fear. Start small. Then build up to the larger things. Don’t forget to give yourself deadlines. You will soon realise that doing that stuff isn’t as bad as you first thought! Then, reward yourself for a job well done!

What are you waiting for? Don’t let life pass you by!