Whats Up Crew!

I received a very complimentary email the other day after a school visit. Receiving emails from students after a school visit is not uncommon and I love hearing the feedback. But it’s very rare that a parent takes time to sit down at the computer and express their gratitude for the Keyway Program and the positive effect that my presentation has made on their daughter. On that particular day I remembered talking about the economic climate and how students are competing on a global scale for that job that has not even been created yet. I also talked about the enormous opportunities that they have right now to live, breath and relish in state of the art resources. Now is the time to not make excuses about the things you don’t have but to appreciate the things you do have.

This particular parent mentioned that I had reinforced the values and messages that her and her husband are trying to instill in their daughter.

To All Students and Parents…..

If you truly want to conquer the challenges that face us all at this time, then jump on the same page. Devise a plan that includes a lot of positive self talk, open communication and family culture that lends itself to personal development and growth.

Peace Out!

Eric Bailey