Understanding Your Purpose

Do You Know What Your Life’s Purpose Is?

That’s one of the most common questions I get whenever I speak at schools and corporate organizations. And while I can’t answer that question, I can share a foolproof formula to find out what your purpose is – or at least get a much better idea of what you’re really here for.

The formula goes like this:


“PASSION” is what you love to do. What are your passions? What puts you in the zone? Which activities make you truly, undeniably happy? Write them down.

“POTENTIAL” is what you’re naturally good at. What do other people find difficult to do that’s easy as pie for you? What do you excel in? What’s your core gift? Write them down, too.

“PEOPLE” are those who you have a soft spot in your heart for. Do you love the poor? The sick? The addicted? The abandoned? Who’s suffering right now that you desperately want to help? Write them down, as well.

“PROFIT” is simply the state of getting paid for doing what you do.

When you combine your PASSION and POTENTIAL to serve the PEOPLE who need you for a reasonable PROFIT, then it’s a pretty good chance that’s what your PURPOSE is. You’re in the zone, you’re happy, you’re reaching the people who need you the most, and you’re getting paid for it, too.

Isn’t That PERFECT?

So take a sheet of paper, do the exercise above, and find your life’s purpose. Then go out there and show the world what you’re made of.

This is Coach E – have a great week ahead!