The Successful Male – Man of the Month Feature – Eric Bailey July 2019

Welcome to our ‘Man Of The Month’ feature.

It is here that we are proud to feature exceptional men, who are making an extraordinary contribution to the betterment of human society, whether locally, nationally or on a global scale.

‘Man Of The Month’, is a place to recognise, emphasise and celebrate such great men, and the positive impact they have on people’s lives.

The ‘Man Of The Month’ should meet the following criteria:

  • He should be following his passion and living his life’s purpose.
  • He should be striving to maximise his potential, personally and professionally.
  • He should be making a difference using his skills and talents.

In our first feature, we recognise Eric Bailey – a very worthy ‘Man Of The Month’.

Eric is a strong, yet compassionate man, who is dedicated to inspiring others to live their best life. As a motivational speaker, mentor, business coach and leading youth speaker, Eric draws on his personal and professional experience to engage people on a level that motivates action.

In talking with Eric, you can’t help but feel his authenticity, warmth, and passion for helping others. I especially love his emphasis on inspiring today’s youth, he deeply understands that “today’s youth, is tomorrow’s future”.

Eric is a man of integrity, who stands up for causes he believes in, such as: the need to stamp out bullying, and violence of any kind.

Here at ‘The Successful Male’, we applaud Eric Bailey for his contribution in making the world a better place. Please join me as I highlight more about Eric’s background and achievements.

– Ron Malhotra

1. Tell us a bit about your background?

I was born and raised on the tough streets of South Central Los Angeles. Destined to be another casualty of gang violence, poverty, crime and hopelessness. I was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship and basketball. Through a coach and mentor I transformed my mindset and belief levels to graduate from high school, and eventually secure a basketball scholarship to Boise State University.

2. How did you get started on this journey?

I found a mentor to help me focus on what was possible, and not the obstacles and reason why I couldn’t achieve greatness. Hours of physical/mental training on developing myself into the best person and athlete that I could be. Understanding the entire process was about living my life by design and not default.

3. How did you discover your life’s purpose?

I played professional basketball in the NBL for over a decade. The entire time I anticipated my career would be short due to injury and the natural aging process. So, I began learning about leverage incomes, residual income, public speaking, and successfully building networks and partnerships.

4. How do you maximise your potential?

I’m constantly upgrading my mindset: creating new brand strategic allegiances and partnerships with individuals and organisations, that allow me to showcase my skills, and energy as a motivational speaker and lifestyle mentor.

5. What difference do you want to make and why?

My passion and mission statement is to empower my audiences and clients to thrive in life, not just survive. Encouraging them to place more emphasis on mental and physical well being. Why?? Because, I watched my father deteriorate right in front of my eyes. I don’t want any man to witness and feel the pain of being helpless in bringing a solution. Prevention is much better than a cure!

6. What are your website/social media details, through which others may connect with you?

Eric has also appeared as a guest on ‘The Successful Male’ podcast. We discussed how the hardships and disadvantages from his childhood have catapulted his adult life into something greater than himself.