Do you believe in yourself? Or have you tried this “self-belief thing” in the past and failed spectacularly, and now you’re a little skeptical about it?

I got one message for you today, and that is: DON’T GIVE UP! You can’t go anywhere in life without believing in yourself first.

But here’s the thing: You shouldn’t believe in yourself RECKLESSLY. That’s where people trip up and fall. Instead, temper your self-belief with these three reminders:

#1: Your Self-Belief Must Be Humble.

Your self-belief shouldn’t be cocky or arrogant. It shouldn’t be there to impress other people or make them like you. That’s not the point.

Self-belief is all about becoming so confident in yourself that you stop worrying about what other people think, and instead you go out, do your thing, and make the world a better place.

#2: Your Self-Belief Must Be Reasonable.

Yes, you got to believe in yourself. But if you heap unrealistic expectations on yourself, and rely on skills and talents and capabilities that you don’t really have, then OF COURSE you’ll fall short. Right?

Instead, you gotta know your limits first. What are you NOT good at? Spend less time on that.

What ARE you good at? Spend more time and energy on that.

You got to know your limits, test your limits, and REACH your limits everyday. That’s how you SURPASS your life’s limitations, one by one.

So don’t kid yourself. Don’t stress yourself out.

And finally:

#3: Your Self-Belief Must Be Paired With ACTION.

Self-belief isn’t worth much if you don’t put it into action. It’s the “action” part that gets the results!

Start small. Remember, stay humble and reasonable. But take action right away.

The more you act, the more tiny successes you achieve. And over time, those little victories are going to line up, gather momentum, and create even MORE confidence, MORE self-belief, and MORE success. That’s how life works!

So believe in yourself, but remember: (1) stay HUMBLE, (2) stay REASONABLE, and (3) take ACTION this time around.

This is Coach E, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

# # #