SIA Conference Orlando, USA

February 17th, 2009

Orlando, Florida USA

Eric Bailey addresses the Scaffold Industry Association (SIA) and speaks about the “Pillars of Personal Growth”.

Purpose, Planning, Persistence and Passion.

Upon completion of this presentation Eric Bailey was invited to write an article for their April industry magazine to be sent to thousands worldwide. Having researched this particular industry for only one month Eric pondered on which direction to take his article. It was at this point he realized that in light of the current global economic position everyone is in search of an edge that will keep them in the game.

The four pillars discussed in the SIA presentation were easily adapted and transformed into the ideal platform to bring a comprehensive shift in both mindset and attitude giving participants the strength they need to succeed.

Whichever industry you are in these four pillars of personal growth become the cornerstone of your current position and future!

As President of an association, it was imperative that the keynote speaker deliver his presentation in conjunction with my message. Eric Bailey’s professionalism was outstanding as he created that overlay, resulting in a product with pure passion. Eric’s stories, his fight as a young man, his persistence towards the goal had all of us on the edge of our seats as he distributed a feeling amongst all of us that “changed” our lives. To listen to my constituents, my 15-year-old son whom I invited, and countless others come up to Eric afterwards and sincerely thank him for the thoughts and course of action instilled, was a true testament of Eric’s ability. He was able to reach through the inhibitions of the business-setting and access what we are all so tentative to show and share. We look forward to bringing Eric back in pursuit of building on what he has started.

Bill Breault,
President & CEO, Breault Industrial Group / Scaffold Industry Association SIA