Eric’s time on stage is like a Grand Final Sporting Event! In one moment, students are laughing hysterically, moving actively on their feet, and shouting at the top of their lungs.

Yet only minutes later, that same room is silent; students find themselves hanging on to every word of Eric’s heartfelt and challenging message. It is at this point that the students in attendance realize they are no longer watching a presentation to an audience of hundreds or even thousands—they are being asked to reflect on their own goals and dreams. Eric will lead them into a process to help them turn obstacles into opportunities. 

Australian youth today face a 1-in-5 chance of experiencing depression and/or anxiety. They also confront alarming rates of youth suicide.

Now, more than ever, youth motivational speaker, Eric Bailey, is determined to act and help reverse this trend.

Working with youth in diverse roles for over 30 years, Eric Bailey has seen been motivating, inspiring, and shifting the mindsets of youth around the world!

Eric has spoken to over 2.5 MILLION students.

Presentation of 30-60 minutes including interaction and question time.

An educational and motivational program designed to address bullying, motivation, resilience and self-esteem issues for school students between ages of 12 to 18.

  • Risk-taking behaviors
  • Poor behavior in class
  • Low self-confidence
  • Over sensitivity and nervousness
  • Mediocre academic results
  • Self-harm and inflicting harm on others
  • Under achieving

Target audience:

School age students transitioning from primary school to high school and students in years 10, 11 and 12. Parents and Educators in attendance(Optional).

Presentation is based upon the 6-foul system that gets a player ejected from a basketball game. Because sports in general is such a universal concept, sports analogies and anecdotes will be woven into each phase of the presentation. Students tend to respond well to sports-driven programs, as each individual student has their own experience with sports (watching, playing, etc) and therefore they will connect with this concept.

Foul 1: This section will address the need to have faith or belief in yourself and know that you can handle any situation that arises. Self-esteem issues will be discussed and tools will be provided to boost student’s self-esteem. Students who have a robust sense of worth are less likely to either bully or be bullied.

Foul 2: This section will address the global concept of bullying and will include verbal attacks, online attacks, physical attacks, and those that are complicit in watching such attacks occur. A focus will be on recognizing various types of bullying and disrespect. Discussions will include the need to intervene if students see such incidents occurring.

Foul 3: This section will address basic concepts of respect and will include respect for ourselves, others, schools, neighborhoods, and the environment. Also discussed at this juncture will be their connectivity to the world around them and why it is important to consider yourself part of a larger universe.

Foul 4: This section will discuss the importance of what you put in your body, mind, ears, and soul. “Healthy choices mean healthy outcomes” will be the driving theme.

Foul 5: Displaying courteous and cooperative behavior towards teachers and adults, as they try to mold you into being the best you that you can be. Students needs to understand that most adults in their lives have their best interests at heart and being respectful towards these individuals actually benefits themselves.

Foul 6: Never give up on yourself, no matter what the odds. The bottom line is that success is in your hands, but you must be given the right tools for life-long success. This section will reflect back to the self-esteem issues that are reviewed in Foul 1 and will tie the entire program together.

Researchers at Melbourne’s Mitchell Institute reported in 2015 that approximately 25% of students drop-out of school and fail to finish their education. While there are several factors that drive such an outcome, student disengagement is a primary cause. Connecting with students on a personal level, and on a level that relates to them, may be key to keeping them in school. This program addresses just such disengagement issues.

The Australian government’s ‘Bullying. No Way!’ initiative has reported startling statistics with regards to bullying and its aftermath. They have reported that 27% of students report being bullied on a regular basis. Additionally, in 87% of bullying there are bystanders who see what is occurring and yet fail to intervene in any manner. And, a shocking 83% of online bullying cases become in-person bullying events.

Bullying is the manifestation of a variety of issues including, but not limited to, lack of respect for authority, low self-esteem, feelings of helplessness, and impulsivity. This program will address these issues and provide students with the tools that they need in order to succeed in school, in their community, and in their home environment.


We have had Eric speak with our seniors every year for the last 14 years. His brief has always been much the same: to get students to focus on being the best they can be. He is a marvellous speaker, able to move his audience from laughter to awed silence and back again within minutes. He touches on goal setting, persistence, resilience and many other qualities essential to success. Any school looking for a speaker able to motivate and challenge students to be the best they can be should book him.

Dean of Secondary Schooling
Sunshine Coast Grammar School

Hi Eric, I know you might not get to read this but I needed to somehow let you spoke at my sons school, Miami state high, my son Ollie is Aspergers, he has a lot of anger issues & can’t control his feelings & often talks about committing suicide. Every day for him is a struggle and heartbreaking for me to watch. Ollie barely talks about anything to me, but today that changed. He came in my room & sat on my bed and said, “mum have you ever heard of Eric Bailey?” I said no honey n he proceeded to tell me about your life 🙏🏼 I had tears in my eyes listening to Ollie relay your journey, he then stands up and says yeah & walks out. I cried. To my Ollie, that is huge! You seemed to get through to him, no one has done that. I could see in his eyes he was thinking about it deeply. I’m a single mum with 4 boys, I have been beaten down but I try my best to stand tall. Ollie on a daily basis yells at me, swears, threatens me & I keep thinking he will grow out of it but now I have hope that after hearing your story he will try & change. I felt it in his voice & saw it in his eyes. He even said goodbye to me & I love you this morning which is hard to get out of him so I Thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏🏼❤️ I tell him every day I love him & just try to be patient waiting for that day something gives that will take all his hurt & anger away, I feel that something snapped in him that day you spoke. Three of my boys are autistic so you can imagine my life is hard enough, Ollie doesn’t even say hi to his brothers, as soon as one tries & talks to him he swears at them & says nasty things & it breaks my heart, I’m so hopeful now that life will get better, life will get easier & I just want you to know from your life challenges comes hope from this mum & a new life perspective from a 12 year old boy that had lost all hope.

Lel H

Eric is one amazing, inspiring man and someone that can help you through everything and anything. He came to my old school just before I moved to VIC. I bought a ticket to see him and it was the best and worthwhile ticket Ive ever gotten. He gave us advice about making new friends, pushing through every change and challenge, being open to new things and just enjoying every moment and memory you can make. He spoke about everything from self esteem, resilience, bulling, social media safety to even domestic violence, he gave parents and students advice about these topics. As a young woman I felt more empowered to chase my dreams than ever before. He is the most inspiring person to be heard from. I was emotional and felt a sense of urgency to take advantage of my opportunities . And also very funny. And didn't use slides or anything. Just raw and very very real and relatable. I would honestly take his word and advice. Thanks Eric


Hi Mr. Bailey. I'm hoping your people will get this message to you. Our daughter came home from school last night and told us about your story and words of wisdom. Amy has been dealing with anxiety and depression from hordeous Facebook and Instagram attacks. We've addressed it with the school and little has been done. We were considering changing schools. Her grades, attendances, health and attitude has been declining. Last night was the happiest and most encouraging evening we have had in 3 years. Your words have given her a new perspective to staying at her school and eventually working her way through this. I don't want to be negative towards the school and it's policy or counseling programs. But whatever you said to the kids. It worked. Do you do one on one sessions? If so who can I talk to for some sessions with my 2 daughter's ? Hope to get a reply.

Karen and Joe

We highly value Eric's input into our Pastoral Care Program. He is engaging, entertaining and charismatic. You can literally hear a pin drop in his sessions. The students connect with his stories and he has the unique ability to motivate without preaching. Eric touches on issues that affect our young people...mental health, cyber safety, domestic violence. Above all, his presentations stress the need for our students to develop resilience in order to achieve their goals and live productive, happy lives. Eric Bailey inspires, educates and entertains. Students are highly receptive to his message. His presentations resonate with a wide range of audience demographics including age, gender and ethnic background. We hope to continue our association with Eric as part of our Pastoral Care program into the future.

Aquinas College

Hello you are one of the best motivational speakers there is, you always have a way of explain exactly your point in a way that makes people of any age understand! I was at rochedale state high school I graduated in 2015 (I saw two talks that you gave to the school though) 🙂 But your message about never giving up and finding your happy place has never left me. At the time I was in a abusive relationship. But you gave me insightful thoughts to consider about how I was selling myself short. I now have a wonderful partner who supports me and respects my goals. Hope to hear from you speak soon. You probably won't read all of this. Please continue your great work (is what I went to say before) haha

Amy L

I really enjoyed this morning motivational talk by Eric Bailey at my son’s school ,St. Ita’s School Dutton Park. Eric is truly inspirational and such a great mentor for kids and adults! What an amazing man and message he shared with us all this morning. Funny and sensitive. Sharing his personal story with the children this morning was , I am sure life changing for some and I know they will carry these words of wisdom through to their high school years and beyond. Eric’s story needs to be shared. So thank you for the fantastic opportunity of meeting Eric and hearing his inspirational ,emotional and very personal story.

Leeanne O'Grady Woods - St. Ita's School, Dutton Park, Brisbane

"Eric really inspired me and made me feel genuinely capable of accomplishing even my most crazy dreams. I have always had a dream that I haven't voiced to many, out of fear they'd laugh at me. Today Eric made me feel as though my wishes were in reach."

Emma - Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera, Brisbane

I really enjoyed your presentation today and it really connected with me. It was amazing and it really put life into perspective. I really enjoyed it.

Meg - Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera, Brisbane

Hi, I am from Hillbrook Anglican School and I am wanting to thank-you Eric for you wonderful speech. When you came in and told us it was the whole "believe-in-yourself" speech, I must admit, I did sigh just a little. But then you started talking, and you captivated me and even brought me to tears (which rarely happens in public) with your moving words. I came out of that speech absolutely changed, which is odd because I am generally quite composed and calm, but I couldn't stand still, I got utterly lost in my thoughts. You made me realise that I can actually achieve whatever I want. That nothing is impossible. So I began thinking about my true dream, my dream of becoming a singer, the dream I never tell anyone about, scared they'll laugh. I pictured myself on the stage, singing for millions and then it became apparent, that is exactly what I am going to do. You then told us you have worked with Beyonce which made me die just a tad, as she has been someone very special to me since the age of 6. Right when you were about to leave I chased after you, I wanted to thank you and tell you my dream, because I knew you'd listen to it, and believe in me. Unfortunately, you had driven off by the time I got there, so I suppose this email is me wanting to tell you my dream, and thank you for making me believe in myself. You are a wonderful man and I promise one day you will see my face on the big screen, singing my heart out. I will stop at nothing to make that happen. Someway, somehow, I will make you proud. If you made it to the end of this letter, let alone read it at all, that would mean so much to me! Your speech meant more to me than you will ever know.

Emma - Hillbrook Anglican School, Enoggera, Brisbane

First off I have to say how inspiring you really are. So many obstacles overcome and teaching yourself how to be mentally strong. Today at my Year 12 conference, I was listening intently on every word because everything you said, was way more than just words. I've never had a problem giving advice or helping out people in need of some sense of direction, but today you really taught me about myself. About helping myself and doing what I gotta do if I really want to succeed. I've never wanted anything so badly!, and I'm asthmatic so I know how good that next breathe feels. I too wanted to be able to talk to you after your speech not just about your basketball career, but about what your mind set was during the times of those things happening, and how you told yourself to hold it together. So that I can help myself and others when they are going through stuff like that.. You really are so moving and definitely one of the biggest role models and inspirations in my life now. I could listen to your stories all day. Thank you so much man.


Eric has spoken to students at Mabel Park State High School many times over the last 10 years. He is an outstanding speaker, one set apart by the fact he draws on his personal life experience to convey his message in the most engaging way. He has had a resounding impact on male and female students from all culture. Given the challenges facing youth today, whether it be bullying, staying active or remaining resilient, our school and community sees immense value in engaging Eric. He connects with the students in a way only he can, to ensure these messages are taken on board. Indeed, his message that you can achieve your dreams no matter what challenges lie ahead is extremely powerful. Eric's true gift is to command an audience and deliver a message with authenticity, creativity and personality. We would not hesitate to recommend Eric as a motivational speaker.

Michael Hornby
Principal Mabel/Park State High School Judy Fewtrell Head of Department, Training & Employment



Educational CLIENTS

The only thing that matters is what you have in your heart and what you’re prepared to do to ignite a burning desire to succeed in life.

-- Eric Bailey --