Due to COVID-19 Eric has been offering both LIVE in-person presentations, as well as powerful and dynamic online presentations. This is a great option for your school or community. Eric’s vision is to assist your teachers, students and staff reconnect with their passion and purpose. We believe that healthy teachers produce healthy classrooms. The investment in your staff is key to the growth and development of your students. Eric Bailey’s Activational Staff presentation is one that will give your staff the boost needed to get through the yea

Australian youth today face a 1-in-5 chance of experiencing depression and/or anxiety. They are also confronted with alarming rates of youth suicide.

Most educational departments are now engaging with Youth Motivational Speakers to inspire young people in schools, online or within organizations. Have you ever considered for your school?

Could you see your students benefiting from an engaging Youth Activational Speaker who will keep it real and raw? Someone who will deal with the tough topics and genuinely connect with your students?

Eric is one of the worlds top Youth Motivational Speakers and currently lives in Australia.

He has spoken to over 4 million students in over 13 countries and is on a mission to inspire 10 Million Students through his motivational/Activational speaking!

Eric has thrived through mental, emotional, physical and financial challenges throughout his childhood in South Central Los Angeles.

His obstacles and challenges makes him the perfect advocate for education. His story of repeated failure in education, sport and social isolation combined with low self-worth, is one that resonates with students today.

Not only did Eric overcome the challenges of his past, but he eventually went on to graduate from High School, then attended College which led him to play in professional basketball.

In addition to his educational success, Eric is also the author of two published books and is the successful owner of two global businesses.

Through his transparent Activational speaking, Eric shares his downfall in life and rise to success. This serves as proof to your students that NOTHING is impossible if you’re willing to put in the work.

Topics Can Be Customized To Suit Any Circumstances.

  • Risk-taking behaviours
  • Mental wellness
  • Unacceptable behaviour in class
  • Low self-confidence and self worth
  • Mediocre academic results
  • Underachieving
  • Negative views of life
  • Bullying
  • Championship Mindset…being the best of you no matter where and when!

Straight Outta Da HOOD E-book

Straight Outta Da HOOD is not your ordinary self-help, a boring, preachy guide to help teenagers live an extraordinary life. It is more than that! It is a place where everyone is embraced, encouraged, and accepted. If you feel Helpless, Outsider, Overwhelmed, and Damaged, here is your safe place to read, learn and reflect. It is where everyone can come together. Every teenager around the globe can read, feel safe to discover, understand and share their own feelings, fears, and uncertainties regarding the world we live in.

Equipped with fun activities, videos, good humor, games, and more, this book is for you to read while eating a bag of snacks and enjoy it. Proceed with no caution!


The ability to see yourself in the future begins with the realization that the future starts in the present.