Saving the Planet

It was a warm evening in Adelaide, South Australia, as I faced an audience of more than four hundred.


In my experience as a professional speaker, presenting to a organization with a passion, drive and commitment to affecting positive change in the lives of others equal to my own is more the exception than the rule. I felt that I had that rare opportunity the other night.


The organization, Neways International, is a multi-level marketing company that distributes environmentally friendly health and beauty products. In addition to providing more ecological alternatives their products help to

generate income and financial independence for Neways distributors. Neways not only refuses to put potentially harmful ingredients into its products, but it strives to add “wholesome, gentle, health-enhancing” ingredients to

every product it creates.


hiking-1031628_1280I impressed upon the audience that a healthy mind and a strong vision lead to smart decisions. Smart decisions about what you use in your home, what you put in your body, and what legacy you leave for the planet.


We are all born with the potential to have greatness in our lives. Think about what unique aspect of yourself you can cultivate and redesign to help achieve a higher quality of life for yourself and those around you.



“What impressed me most about Eric’s talk at Neways last Tuesday was his emphasis on the “4 Ps” of purpose, planning, preparation and passion. In addition to providing a dynamic and well-paced presentation, he encouraged

audience interaction and held their interest through skillful weaving of his own life story into his main subject matter. There were significant numbers of younger people and children in the audience and he managed to

talk on a level they could relate to, covering all age groups, distributors and non-distributors.”


Marianne Stafford

Master Upline