Straight Outta Da HOOD


Straight Outta Da HOOD is not your ordinary self-help, a boring, preachy guide to help teenagers live an extraordinary life. It is more than that!

It is a place where everyone is embraced, encouraged, and accepted. If you feel Helpless, Outsider, Overwhelmed, and Damaged, here is your safe place to read, learn and reflect. As a child, I was born into a world where I felt like this all the time.

Do you think I was okay? No, I was not! But do you know how I am here today? Because someone believed in me. That is why this book is here today, to help one, two, or millions of teenagers that may be struggling with their own challenges, their own questions.

This book is for every teenager around the globe going (or not) through rough times. It can help you, a friend, or someone you know in the community that may be struggling with fear, feelings, and uncertainties.

Also, the Schools and Parents can use it as a resource, guide, and valuable source of information to help the kids open up, learn more and feel better about themselves.

It is where everyone can come together. Every teenager around the globe can read, feel safe to discover, understand and share their own feelings, fears, and uncertainties regarding the world we live in.

Equipped with fun activities, 1-hour worth of video content, good humor, games, and more, this book is for you to read while eating a bag of snacks and enjoy it. Proceed with no caution!