12 Pillars Of Person-alityTM




What if you could be living the life you have always dreamed of?

Your personality holds the key to unlocking your future. In the 12 Pillars of Personality, Eric Bailey (Activational Mentor and Success Coach) will go through everything that makes you who you are.

Each of the 12 Pillars forms part of the foundation of your “YOU-ness” and when one of those pillars is weak, your YOU-ness becomes weak. In the 12 Pillars of Personality Program you spend one week on each of the 12 Pillars with Eric guiding you through transforming your life in just 12 weeks.

The included workbook and exercises will help you realize your true potential and actually live it. You are totally unique, and no one can be a better you than you. This program will show you how to be the best you that you can be.

Personality is about uncovering your foundation and helping you work on the parts of yourself that may not be functioning at peak performance. When you change your characteristics, you change your life.

Unlock the Power of the 12 Pillars and Discover Your Potential Today!

  • 12 pre-recorded videos
  • 64 page workbook
  • Total wellness and exercise plan
  • 3 free ebooks over the 12 weeks written by Eric Bailey
  • 12 Live Activation Group Coaching sessions on Private Zoom
  • Random coaching calls for 30 minutes (valued at $500.00)
  • Random face to face coaching 1 hour (valued at $1500.00)
  • Invite to special online Chat
  • 30% Discounts on schools and business presentations for 12 months if recommended by you.
  • Unlimited email coaching for 12 months