Positive Attitude Motivational Tips

“The difference between can and cannot is only three letters. Three letters that determine your life’s direction.” ~ Anonymous

It’s not easy to maintain a positive frame of mind, especially when it comes to money. No matter what stage of life you may be at (at the beginning of our career, the end or in the middle of transitioning from one career path to another), having a positive attitude is crucial for success. Are  you on a well-paved pathway or do you prefer a less travelled one? Either way you can achieve what you set out for without struggle or hardship. Turn your failures into success and project a clear vision for your life. Ready to take life with courage and conviction? Then say YES instead of MAYBE and follow you intuition, surround yourself with motivated people and envision success 24/7.  Need a mood-booster? Then look no further.

Lead, Don’t Follow

Follow, schmollow. The best things in life are the ones that haven’t been done yet. Don’t wait for someone else to model that positive attitude, can-do frame of mind or even invent the thing you’ve thought of. When you lead, you make things happen. Jennifer Telfer believed in her ideas, and as the creator of My Pillow Pets, she now rakes millions of dollars annually. Noticing her children using their stuffed animals as pillows when they got tired at night or needing some padded comfort on an airplane, she had a radical idea: turn a traditional stuffed animal into a pillow. She didn’t believe in being a follower, and thankfully she listened to her intuition.

Positive People Inspire Positivity

Even in your most determined frame of mind, it’s almost impossible to keep up a positive attitude when everything and everyone around you is screaming negativity. Get rid of the “I should haves” and “I can’ts”  in your life and replace them with a feel good way of thinking. If you are surrounded by negative people who reinforce a negative way of thinking, reconsider your social circle(s). Does a co-worker motivate you to do your best? Then get to know her/him during your lunch hour.

Visualise, Visualise, Visualise!

Be the change you want to see in the world. If you are constantly thinking negatively, such as “I can’t go for that promotion at work. There are much more qualified people than me for that job”, or “I could never ask her out. She’s out of my league”, try this: Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal life looks like. What traits does your perfect partner exhibit? How does being the CEO of your own company make you feel about yourself and what kinds of things can you now afford with a generous salary? Stay in the moment as long as possible and believe what you are feeling. Visualisations are extremely popular and with enough repetition they can become reality.

No matter what you want in life – money, career, a fruitful future or relationship with your soul mate, positive thinking is fundamental. Fill your mind with clear intention, and with that will come clear results. Ready to jump start your dreams? Then change your attitude to change your life.