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Struggling? Tired? Frustrated? Let Coach Eric Bailey Take You From a Life of Abandonment to a Life of Abundance With His Transformative New Book

Australian author and activational coach Eric Bailey has finished his life-changing new book, ‘Bring Your A Game’, and will be personally signing the first 100 copies.

Bring Your A-Game


Eric Bailey is a veteran speaker of 20 years and a well-loved name in high schools and corporate organizations in and around Australia. He’s a familiar face at the country’s biggest conventions and conferences, and regularly conducts workshops and sales training for corporations. With his towering 6’6″ frame, his ready smile, and his “schoolyard playground” sense of humor, Eric has the rare gift of not only motivating his audiences, but also activating them to achieve greatness.

But life hasn’t always been this good for Eric, and his new book takes us into a never-before-seen look into the trials, pain, and hardship that molded him into the inspiration he is today.

Eric’s Journey From Abandonment to Abundance

Eric was dealt a bad hand in life. He was abandoned by his biological parents, grew up in a rough, impoverished neighborhood in downtown Los Angeles, and had a bone condition that severely limited his physical capabilities.

But Eric didn’t give up. He got good grades and made his adoptive parents proud; he married his childhood sweetheart; and he even travelled the world as a professional basketball player, despite his doctors saying he’d never be able to play sport.

Today, Eric is a well-known life and business coach, with a soft spot in his heart for those currently going through pain and hardship. With his stirring speeches and life-changing books, he has so far touched the lives of over 3 million people worldwide – and the number is growing.

Bring Your A Game

Eric’s new book, Bring Your A Game, is all about what he calls the “A’s of your life.” It starts with two subjects close to Eric’s heart – Abandonment and Adoption – painful stages that most of us go through at some point in our lives.

Early on in the book, Eric explains how abandonment can actually be a good thing, depending on how you look at it:

“My biological parents could have made a different decision and had an abortion. I would rather have abandonment than non-existence. That’s final.”

Eric then goes on to the other A’s of life: Attitude, Anticipation, Awaken, Audition, Acknowledgment, Achievement, Autograph, Adapt, Accelerate, and – at the very end of it all – Abundance.

Eric Bailey has walked that road before. If you’re in the Abandonment stage in your life right now, then Eric wants to take you by the hand and show you how to get to the Abundance you truly deserve.

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A Glowing Review by Professor Allan Pease

Professor Allan Pease, the renowned Australian body language expert whose books have sold more than 27 million copies worldwide, has some glowing recommendations for Bring Your A Game. In fact, he liked it so much that he wrote the book’s Foreword.

“Among the shelves of self-help books out there, Eric Bailey’s Bring Your A Game is profound and wise, with a strong voice that rings loud and clear,” Pease says. “Everyone needs some guidance to venture forward, and few of us can navigate the wild waters of life alone. Eric’s book is a welcome, caring, loving helping hand.”

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Have Your Book Signed by Eric Bailey himself!

Bring Your A Game will be released this February, and the first 100 copies ordered will be autographed by Coach Eric himself. To order your copy now, click on the link below.

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