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Motivational Speaker, Best Motivational Speaker Australia, Worldwide

Motivational Speaker, Eric Bailey  has delivered over 4,000 presentations in 13 countries with an combined audience of over 4,000,000 motivated individuals from all walks of life.

Skills and competence alone are not sufficient to excel in a field; especially when it comes to a field as demanding and competitive as sports. It is difficult to remain constantly motivated while playing a sport. Sports require not just physical exertion but also mental toughness to buttress the high spirits that go along with playing a sport.

Excellent sports persons learn to perfect the fine balance between their physical prowess and mental capacities. Therefore they continue to remain in top form even until late in their careers, whereas some find it extremely difficult to do so. Some sports persons learn to unleash a wellspring of motivation early in their careers. Whenever their spirits sag, they tap their inner motivation to get back on track (sometimes quite literally) and start performing with great gusto. While some others try to do the same, their inner motivation starts depleting with initial setbacks and they stop playing altogether.

The Role of a Sports Motivator

The role of a sports motivator is paramount in helping a sportsperson or athlete to remain in the prime of their sporting faculties. While a sports coach can only go so far as to provide temporary relief via correcting her/his protégé’s deficiency of skill, a sports motivator’s job has a more profound (and more pronounced) psychological impact. Moulding a person’s mind to always be assistive for seeing the bright side of every situation is a technique that only few are able to master. This is where a sports motivator steps in.

Enter Eric Bailey Motivational Speaker

Eric Bailey’s powerful motivational speeches have pushed organisations and individuals alike to expand their horizons and reach out for versions of themselves they possibly could not have even imagined.

Eric spent 13 years as a professional basketball in the prestigious Australian Basketball League. (NBL). Playing for the Hobart Tassie Devils, Melbourne Tigers, and Gold Coast Rollers.

Eric Bailey is now a motivational speaker that has experienced more than 4000 motivational presentations across 13 countries. This makes him one of Brisbane’s most sought after motivational speakers till date. He is a proud owner of a diverse array of motivational speech experiences made at schools, colleges, universities, corporate/ government organisations, direct sales outlets, not for profit organisations among others.

What sets Eric Bailey apart?

While there is no dearth of motivational speakers across the globe, Eric Bailey’s listeners are able to practice sustained inspiration for long term benefits. So what is that Eric Bailey does that makes him so good at helping others reach their goals, especially in sports and athletics? Read on to find out:

Psychological understanding: Eric Bailey is a motivational speaker that understands the trials and tribulations involved with a sports career. Instead of just handing out platitudes to offer temporary relief, Bailey gets into the crux of the matter to present realistic, workable solutions. He understands how exasperating it can get to make do with superficial advices alone. This is why he reads and researches well to understand the nuances of a sporting discipline. Then he hands out motivational remedies for an everlasting impact.

Fresh perspectives: With the wide experience that he holds, Eric Bailey can provide newer, fresher perspective on viewing things, especially while playing a sport. Sporting challenges require approaches from every angle for spotless resolution. Sometimes, locker room squabbles can seep onto the playing field and manifest as additional obstacles. Single person sports disciplines too can cripple the player with the insurmountable pressure of responsibility. This is where Eric Bailey motivational speaker employs his skills to lessen the anxiety and channelize it into a productive performance on field.

Enjoy the game: At the end of the day, a sport involves bonding and cooperation like no other social activity. When viewed from a higher vantage point, despite the stakes involved, playing a sport grooms and chisels a person into becoming a more refined version of herself/himself. This is what Eric Bailey tries to explain to teams, athletes and their associated professionals through his uniquely devised mindfulness strategies.  This conviction and passion that Eric has set him apart as a motivational speaker.

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