Make Your Dreams Your Reality!

Growing up on the streets of South Central Los Angeles was not easy. My family and our neighbours struggled each and every day to survive. Being surrounded by crime, poverty, drugs, violence and family breakdowns from a young age, I believed that was normal and for many years I struggled thinking this was my lot. My parents worked very hard to give me the best they could but we regularly had no electricity because we couldn’t afford to pay the bills. That was my childhood.

However, I had dreams like most kids do. My dreams were not about growing up to be an astronaut or an adventurer! My dreams were about being successful enough to provide for my parents who loved me unconditionally. They were modest dreams. But at the time they seemed unattainable. With the help and support of some amazing mentors throughout my life – I managed through hard work, determination and persistence to achieve my goals. I never thought that I would ever be good enough to play against my heroes like Magic Johnson or Dr. J but I did. I dug deep. And I will never forget what they taught me – ‘Anything is possible. The only barrier to success is YOU. Dreams do happen’.

So, once again I find myself achieving another dream that I never thought would come true. I have always enjoyed being a leader – providing inspiration and guidance to others. Fortunately, as an activational speaker, this goes with the territory! However, never did I think I would be able to transfer these skills to the corporate arena. I am now the National Sales Manager of Market Australia – a multi-million dollar organization! This is huge for me. When the opportunity came up I thought to myself – ‘Why not? It won’t hurt to give it a go and put my application in’. And now – I find myself in an enviable situation.

So, yes! Right now you may doubt yourself about achieving those dreams that may seem out of your reach. Stop right now! If you really want something, you can get it just as I have done. Believe in yourself. Stop doubting. Listen to your gut. Don’t let others put you off. The only person stopping you is you! If a kid from South Central LA like me with very little support can achieve what I can achieve, then just imagine what you can do! Go for it!