Live Like Ants!

This might sound crazy but ants have the right idea about business.Before you laugh check this out.Every morning I feed my two little dogs dry food, little small morsels of dried beef.At about 3:00pm I noticed that it might rain so I went out to get the clothes off the line.As I walked near the dog’s bowls I noticed one piece of dried beef all by itself about one metre from the bowl.To my surprise it moved.As I got closer and had a good look there was one small ant trying to carry this humungous piece of food to a shaded area.I was intrigued how disciplined and persistent this ant was, so I decided to watch and see how long and to what length this ant would go to reach it’s goal.

And then the penny dropped.I saw fire ants race from the shaded area to relieve this exhausted and overworked ant.The five ants gathered around the ant.Looking like they put their antennas together as if to say “Good work, we appreciate you – have a rest”.

Then they, together, picked up the morsel and carried it to the safety of the TEAM!

WOW, what TEAMWORK!There was a sense of purpose, accomplishment and appreciation.Just imagine that if all our team, families, and communities had these ANT principles.

In my own backyard I was able to witness an amazing motivational session that truly gave me some valuable insight and practical substance.

Oh and by the way, the rain came down and yes the clothes did get wet!!But it was worth it!


Eric Bailey