Learn how to handle tough times…

What’s Up Crew,

I hope you have gotten out of the starting blocks quickly this year. Already we are looking at Easter and the first main break.

The other day someone asked me if I had ever felt like giving up. The answer to that question is yes. Everyone feels like the world is getting to tough too handle sometimes. But I got a wake up call when I heard on the news that one of the richest men in the world had lost some money in this economic low. He lost $18 BILLION in 6 months! His reaction was simply that terrible things happen to all people what’s important is how we handle it. Without the lows you can never truly appreciate the highs.

My message to all of the youth that I speak to for the rest of the year is this: Learn how to handle and deal with your challenges now while you are in a position to grow from the experiences. Then when you are successful in all areas of your life you can pass on your knowledge and advice to people who need it the most!

Eric Bailey CSP

P.S – Feel free to share your experiences, or make comments on this blog too.