One question I frequently get asked from school students from all around Australia is “why do I have to do all this homework?” Some students think that studying is boring and not necessary because they will just get a job after they leave school. Let me keep it real for you. School and homework teach you important life lessons that you will use as an adult. It’s better to step out into the real world fully equipped than not.

Research shows if you do your homework and study with a purpose to achieve an outcome you will achieve academically. Homework teaches you everything from how to read and understand information to how to communicate ideas with others, problem solve and manage your time better. Training yourself to be dedicated to your studies in school will prepare you for the demands of life.

What motivated me to stay focused, study hard and do my homework, what are the consequences I would have faced not doing it. Sometimes I would ask myself “What would happen if I didn’t do my homework?” “Would I get a bad grade?” “Would my teacher or parents be disappointed with me?” Those were consequences I didn’t want to face.

Just remember in the real world knowledge helps you master the rules of the game…and if you don’t know the rules, then you will lose the game. If knowledge is power…ignorance is minimum wage!!

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at the life of Thomas Edison. With only three months of formal education, Edison went on to be one of the greatest inventors and industrial leaders in history. Edison valued long, hard work. He used to say, “Genius was one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration”.

If you want to turn homework into an atmosphere of fun learning then what you need to do is break down the tasks into small bite size portions so that the information is easier to digest. Find a space (at home or school) that is comfortable and has plenty of light. Complete the hardest assignments first and ensure that you take 15 to 20 minute breaks every hour. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary drinks before and during your study periods. Don’t forget to reward yourself for each section of homework that you complete. Without having a routine like this I would have never been able to achieve the goals I set out for myself. I hope my message has instilled some motivation in each of you to go out there and live life to your fullest potential!

So hit the books and holla at me next time!

Peace Out!!