Is it time to De-Clutter?

Do you sometimes feel like you can’t get out of a rut despite how much you try?
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and don’t know which direction to take?
Or maybe you find it hard to say NO……

If any of these questions resonate a resounding ‘YES’ to you then maybe it’s time to simplify your life!

There is no doubt that as a society we feel pressured to be the best mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, sportsperson (and the list goes on) whilst also being fit and healthy, an accomplished cook, gardener and house renovator! Have you ever looked at your typical day and the amount of time you spend accomplishing skills and acquiring stuff? Yes, part of it might just be about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ (… and reality TV doesn’t help!) but many of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves as well because we believe that is what society expects of us!

It’s not really surprising that we struggle to achieve our dreams and goals. Why? Because there are many obstacles (often ones that we create) in our way and you need to sort this out!

If you are feeling overwhelmed and incapable of finishing a task, it’s time to determine your priorities and de-clutter your life. When I say ‘de-clutter’ I am not just referring to stuff you don’t need anymore, I am talking about people too! It’s time to take stock and make sure that you clarify your goals. Get rid of things that hinder your progress. People who don’t support you and encourage you to achieve your goals. Activities, that don’t help you get to that destination you have dreamed of for years!

Yes, it is as simple as that! What are you waiting for? The sooner you simplify and de-clutter your life, the sooner you will achieve your goals and feel a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders!