Is it “possible” for mobile phones to give you cancer? What is possible simply IS!

mobile phones cancer
If cigarettes came with a protection guard so that you could still smoke without getting cancer, there would be a lot more people smoking! Where's our warning for mobile phones then?
For some time now there have been speculations about cancer causing radiation effects emitted from mobile phones. Effectively giving us cancer. No not overnight, but over a long period of time. Not much different from asbestos and smoking! What I don’t understand is that if there is a “possibility” why wouldn’t we take precautions? Why are we waiting for there to be an absolute definite? We have our houses insured on the in case; our cars insured on the in case, we wear seatbelts and helmets, in case. So why not a guard, a shield to protect us from radiation from mobile phones… in case!

It is our children who are most at risk here. They are the ones being exposed to these kinds of radiation on their developing brain. And yet, we seek to protect them from minor cuts and bruises yet not serious brain tumours.

According to a recent study by the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the largest ever to look at possible links between mobile phones and brain cancer, threw up inconclusive results but researchers said suggestions of a link demanded deeper examination.

Experts who studied almost 13,000 mobile phone users over 10 years hoping to find out whether the devices cause brain tumours say their research gave no clear answer.

“We can’t just conclude there is no effect,” said Elisabeth Cardis of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona, Spain, who led the study.

“There are indications of a possible increase. We’re not sure that it is correct. It could be due to bias, but the indications are sufficiently strong… to be concerned.”

Because of this and because mobile phone use is rising all the time, more research was needed, the scientists said.

The 21 scientists were part of a group known as the Interphone International Study Group which was funded in part by money from mobile phone companies. The study was published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

Mobile phone use has increased dramatically since its introduction in the early-to-mid 1980s. About 5 billion mobile phones are in use worldwide.

Here’s a little math. The radiation from a transmitter follows the usual square law principles; double the distance and you divide the radiation by 4. So you move the radio transmitter from your ear (read mobile phone) and hold it in your hand and you have shifted the source of radiation say to 1/10 the distance from your brain, this means it’s getting 1/100th the level of radiation compared to jammed up to your ear. Small signal you say? Think about it!

Your mobile phone signal can reach a tower tens of kms away and still have enough power to be able to be heard by the tower receivers in amongst all the thousands of other mobile phones. Do some maths on the square laws and find out just how small this signal is compared to what’s heading into your brain if the tower is only 1km away.

If you consider the distance from your ear to be 10cm from the centre of your brain, the tower gets just 1 one hundred millionth of that signal. That’s 1/100000000 count the zeros there should be 8.

Would you put a phone to your ear again?

I invested $25 in a Stealth Radar Shield for my phone. Sounds like something Dr. Spock would use I know. But is just a small simple guard for my phone. Now I can use it and know for sure that I’m protected. Because what is possible, simply IS!

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