Inspiration shared

As my eyes gazed around the room at my audience of over two hundred year-ten students at a recent school presentation, I couldn’t help noticing a female student trained on my every word.

As a professional speaker with more than 16 years of experience and knowledge of human potential and NLP techniques I could tell that this young lady was locked into the moment. I remember shifting gears into the emotional part of my presentation where I ask students to look within themselves and examine the positive things that they have accomplished in life. Too much that is spoken and written of today’s youth takes on a negative cast. But this day was about celebrating life, the future, and the place of our dreams and goals within it.

And then a very special smile came across her face and lit up the room. It seemed that she found a place of happiness and peace with where she was, and perhaps had a sense of where she wanted to go. The room erupted. The students went into a frenzy and the roof was lifted with laughter and celebration. Leaving the room I wanted then to embrace what was ahead of them, not behind.

As they filed out of the room I noticed one student lingered behind for a more in-depth conversation. She explained how her height was problematic for her (being almost 6ft tall at only age 14). On top of this were other personal issues that seemed to affect the way she felt about herself and society. She said that my story had given her a new lease on life. She realizes that the people who try to hold her back are the same ones who might need her when she is on the way up.

Her smile was even bigger now because I told her that no matter what I would always believe in her and her dreams.

I got a shock when I checked my email later that evening.

“I hope to be famous and be able to tell people my story. You’re my idol. You have inspired me so much. Thank you for you time.”

To all the youth out there, remember… today doesn’t last forever. Make the most of it!