How to Deal With Change in the Workplace?

That Pesky Job Security Issue – How to Deal With Change in the Workplace


We avoid it like the plague. We deny that it could happen to us. We try to beat it to the punch but it always seems to catch up with us – inevitable, pesky change. As powerful of a universal law as it is, it’s a human condition to learn, become attached and then resist letting go. That much we know, but when it comes to our jobs and the lack of security we potentially face for the future, how do we deal with constant change in the workplace?

I believe in the saying, “Action transforms vision into reality,” so much that it’s become my mantra. It’s a way of living that has proved to empower me, help me to motivate others and develop a mindset to always insist on overcoming whatever obstacles stand in my way. Whether I’m the keynote speaker for a corporate audience or motivating a group of high school students, I know my role. I don’t anticipate that things in my professional life will always stay the same, but instead try and adapt with the change itself.  Has poor job security got you frazzled and feeling insecure about your performance in the workplace? Here’s how to beat the workplace blues and some core fundamentals I teach in my workshops.

Think outside the box.

No matter what stage of your career you may be in, anyone in this economy has the potential to be expendable. Since you can’t control the economy or the future of your company or business, you can think several steps ahead and develop a ‘think-outside-the-box’ mentality. So what if you always planned on being an attorney or a teacher? Layoffs happen and when they do, it’s time to think twice about what your life could potentially be.  Vision is power, and the most valuable thing you can cultivate for yourself is the ability to change when external influences force you to.

Adapt to change.

Change doesn’t have to hurt, especially when we make smart mini-steps to avoid a painful fall. We don’t have to develop a pessimistic viewpoint to handle change well, either. Instead, we can be positive about our future (no matter what it ends up looking like) and prepare for an interesting and engaging life. Go with change instead of against it by embracing that change in your role at work, additional responsibilities that develop or even if you lose that office with a view.  Make sure you focus on the new opportunities the change may afford you.

Cultivate passion in everything you do.

Instead of focusing on the setbacks our career hands on, focus on your passion for the work you do. If you’re tired of not being ‘seen’ at work for your latest project, find another way to get noticed. Put passion into your everyday work tasks, and that passion will show through – not just to your supervisor, but to others who can help you along the way ‘make it’ as far up as you aspire to go!