How To Change Bad Habits

We acquire bad habits all through our life and most of us have become so unconscious about them that we never do anything to change them. Some of us try to quit the bad habits but after a point of time go back to them. It is hard to find the inner strength to get rid of a habit, for some it is self-help books or a motivational speaker that finally makes them put an effort towards changing their bad habit. I am a keynote speaker that has helped many attendees young and old to take a step towards changing their bad behaviour and welcoming a more positive lifestyle. Here are some ways you can change your bad behaviour.

  1. Give yourself time

Changes do not come about overnight, so you have to stop pushing yourself. These habits have become a way of life and drastic changes can affect your mental health and a consequential relapse. We being creatures of habit need those to function in our daily lives. As motivational speakers say, take the time to slowly change the bad habits. Say, you are addicted to smoking, your day revolves around the times you will smoke. If you cut that off, your routine is disrupted. So you must over time consciously break the dependence on that habit and make new routines. Eventually your bad habit will be eliminated.


  1. What is the cause?

Each bad habit is used to cope with a certain problem. As keynote speakers always point out, people often over eat in order to compensate for the void in their lives they might be feeling. A break up, stress at work, inability to perform, etc. are generally dealt with excess consumption of food. The first step to getting rid of a bad habit is to identify what you are covering up with the bad habit. If you come to terms with the cause; it will be a lot easier to change your habit. Seek psychiatric help if you cannot deal with it yourself.


  1. Confide in a friend

If you find yourself spiralling towards the same bad habits over and over again, talking to a friend might really help. I always advice sharing to help deal with bad habits. If you feel uncomfortable with a friend, join self-help groups or recovery programs so you have other people going through the same to share with. Confiding in people makes you want to put effort and change the bad habits and they can help you in the process.


  1. You can slip

Motivational speakers on bad habits mention that slips are human and nothing to worry about. At first you will struggle with the habit but every slip will teach you how to better control it. It will give you a better idea of what is working for you in this process of change. When you slip, write down what were the circumstances that led to it. Try to substitute any such circumstance.


I’m Eric Bailey, a motivational speaker who has pledged his life to help my clients in personality development. You can book my services and I will deliver a highly motivational and energetic personal development workshop you’ll ever see.