How To Be More Confident In Yourself: 5 Proven Strategies

Build self-confidence is not as easy as it is to talk about it. In theory, it might seem easy-peasy. Instead, working on yourself is a long, extensive, and never-ending journey of self-discovery and improvement.

The confidence conundrum starts when you do not believe in yourself, and with that, nobody also believes. However, if nobody believes in yourself, how could you possibly believe in your potential? In order to be happy or successful, first, you need to be confident. But to be confident, first, you need to be happy or successful.

These feelings are entirely normal and the confusion even more. That is why finding strategies and new ways to keep your confidence level up, believe in yourself, and achieve your goals is a path that you have to be ready to pave every single day, even on those days that feels that all the odds are against you.

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What is a confident person?

Nobody is born with self-confidence. You develop as you mature in life. Sometimes it can be challenging, as self-esteem and confidence are directly connected to the experiences you have in life. Your biases can affect how you see yourself.

A confident person also has bad days, also makes mistakes. However, the way they thrive through life and the challenges makes them feel good and build their self-esteem. A confident person:

  • Does and says what they believe is right (even if it’s unpopular).
  • Is willing to take risks and is not afraid to make mistakes.
  • Admits their mistakes and learns from them.
  • Is able to accept a compliment.
  • Is optimistic.

Strategies to build self-confidence

Celebrate your winnings

It is pretty easy to lose confidence when you feel you have achieved nothing. Instead, look back and celebrate what you have already accomplished in your life.

Set goals

Set realistic short and long-term goals for your life. Maybe you want to change your career or learn a new language. Do not forget to include a timeframe for that.

Do not compare yourself with others

Never compare yourself with others. You are your own individual person, and your experiences in life make you unique and special. Remember, just because someone has a better car or a bigger house than you does not mean they are happier or more confident.

Talk to yourself

It may seem crazy, but in reality, talking aloud to yourself can make you smart, improve your memory, help you focus and even increase athletic performance. The US Navy SEALS and Special Forces use the power of positive self-talk as a way of getting through tough times.

Face your fears

Yes, face your fears, your doubts to overcome your negative thoughts. When you assess your past, revisiting uncomfortable moments, you can self-discover why you think so negatively about yourself and start making a change.

The Bottom Line

Changing your mindset will build your confidence, believe in yourself, and thrive through life. Confidence is a feeling, and you are the only one that can make it better for yourself.


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