How to Avoid Complacency Made Easy

Remember the time when you felt that fire in your belly on your way to achieving a goal? That goal could have been anything from career advancement to project execution to a sports championship. You would spend each day with the same level of excitement, commitment, and motivation. As with every major goal, the subtle process begins to take its toll and you start relaxing along the way. Within no time, you stop working as hard and before you know it, you become the hunted rather than the hunter. You stop perceiving any warning signs and complacency insidiously sets in.

Want some tips to avoid complacency? You’re certainly at the right place!

  • Never let your guard down

Maybe you happen to be an expert in your field and you find no reason to learn new skills, but this is where you begin to go wrong. Only the short sighted will let their guard down in a world where change is inevitable. For example, if you are a sportsman, you can never let your guard down for even a second or your game could be over then and there.

  • Every day should be started from scratch

Excellence is all about getting better every day. Life is never about past accomplishments. There are no ‘off days’ when you don’t have to show up for work. Begin each and every day with the primary goal of making that day better than how it was yesterday! The best sportsmen often train themselves with the goal of making their current season better than their previous ones. This is how you improve in sports and life in general!

  • Continuously learn and adapt

Successful people always look to develop a process for achieving results. However, results can only take you to the top, not keep you there. To remain at the top, you need to hone your skills, learn something new, and adapt to every situation and make the best out of it. Messi and Ronaldo didn’t become the best players in one day. They struggled in their younger days and with dedication reached the pinnacle. What made them better than the rest was the way they continuously learned and adapted to the game to stay at the top.

  • Focus on the process, not the outcome

Many conference speakers or keynote speakers will tell you, keep checking the results to know your progress, but that is only partially correct. Your focus should always be on the process instead of the outcome. If you focus on the process and stand by it, you will surely achieve sustained excellence. If you are falling short of your goal, adjust the process but not dramatically.

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