How Does Self-Motivation Work and How to Believe in Yourself?

8 Effective Ways to Keep You Inspired and Motivated

Before I start, I want to ask you a question for self-reflection: is your glass half empty or half full when it comes to your life? How do you set your mindset to keep yourself inspired and motivated to believe in yourself?

Self-motivation is the ability to find your inner drive to take actions and initiatives in order to achieve your objectives. It is the driven power inside that keeps pushing you to move forward. Although I have to admit that self-motivation is not always easy, you can definitely include some new habits in your daily life that will make the process easier for you.

The big change that you should make in your life is your attitude. Having a positive attitude towards the challenges you may encounter in life plays a key role in your journey. Developing steps to gear your mind towards a more positive view will help develop your self-motivation habit.

Motivation can come from intrinsic factors such as the feelings of enjoyment, success and accomplishment, or from extrinsic factors such as money and status. Finding the subconscious motives and the desire for change for the next challenge may not be easy, but self-reflection is worthy.

I Don’t need validation from others!

Know your value. Do not seek validation from others. Surround yourself with positive people that will rouse a positive attitude in you. We all face those moments where we do not have any desire to keep going. We have to make the change.

Remember, nobody can do it but yourself. Take some time to reflect on how you see yourself and your life. A good exercise is to go back to a challenging moment you face recently. Try to remember how you felt at the time, how you saw the situation, and what you would have done differently. Were you eager to take action to solve the problem, or you prefer to sit down and complain about how your life was not great?

Self-motivation comes attached to feelings of failure and success. It is a long process of perseverance, commitment and courage to take steps towards new ways of finding your inner drive and take action.

Here I will list 8 easy and effective ways to create new habits in your life and to develop the ability of self-motivation

– Positive mindset

It is all about your attitude. The way you act will impact the outcome.

– Set clear and realistic goals

Do you want to advance in your career? How are you planning to do that? Set realistic steps and achievable goals.

– Know your value

Believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve your personal success. You don’t need validation from others. You can do it!

– Find inspirational stories

Seek for real and inspirational stories of people that, like you, wanted to change. People who faced challenges had dreams and found their way to motivate themselves and their purpose and thrived to achieve their goals.

– Take actions

Start right now. Do not wait—one step at a time.

– Be committed

Do not give up on the first setback. Know that in order to achieve our goals, we may have to overcome many challenges along the way.

– Seek help

Seek professional help. Find a coach or a mentor that will hold you accountable in every step of your journey.

– Celebrate your achievements

Celebrate each step. Each small accomplishment is a step closer to your dream.

Final thoughts

See? It is not that hard. Believe in yourself, in your dreams and make it happen. Self-motivation is doable when you empower yourself and get ready to take action.

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