Fear – Our Worst Enemy

Are you ‘living the dream’?  Have you succeeded in aspects of your life that you never thought you would and achieved your greatest goals?  If the answer to these questions is “Yes”, then you are indeed an extremely fortunate and rare individual!  Unfortunately, despite some amazing goals and desires, some people just don’t make it.  Why?  Fear.

quote-18So what exactly are we frightened of?  We can be frightened of many things but more often than not, I believe we are frightened of being humiliated in front of others and ultimately failing.  Sure, many people are frightened of heights, of public speaking, of creepy-crawlies.  Yet, I would say that some of the most successful entrepreneurs fail many, many, many times over first before experiencing the slightest ounce of success.  We should learn from our mistakes, shouldn’t we?  Yet, how many times have we heard of someone who repeatedly gets caught up in the ‘wrong’ types of relationships or continues to make risky financial decisions resulting in the same pain?  Breaking the cycle is not easy but it is necessary.

I believe that the root of a lot of fear is based on fear of the unknown. What will our life be like if we move cities, change jobs, leave home, have children, get married, go back to Uni, etc.  We ask ourselves what if my new colleagues don’t like me, what if I can’t make ends meet, what if I get lonely, what if I can’t cope with my work-load at Uni. And the list goes on. There are so many questions, yet only one answer.  You don’t know. And, you won’t know until you are in the experience and learning as you go.  I know this is nothing new but sometimes we need to remind ourselves about some simple truths.  We fear the unknown because it is new ground and we are unsure how to react or how we will cope.  However, if we never tread new ground and test out what we are capable of, then we will never know our strengths and what it feels like to achieve a dream!

Do you really want to stay in one place, without ever moving forward?  Don’t let fear drag you down.  Acknowledge the fear.  Accept the fear.  Fight the fear.  You are the only person standing in the way of your success!