How To Get More Done Every Single Day

Want to know how to get more done every single day?

You might know of people who pursue successful careers, run several businesses, raise happy families, volunteer tirelessly at charities, and still have time to train for the next marathon.

On the other hand, most of us are stuck in the daily grind, with our goals and dreams being pushed further and further into the backburner.

How do they do it? Do they work 16 hours a day? What do they do that we don’t?

Sure, some successful people have a team handling their daily mundane tasks, so they have more time on their hands. But many other successful people do everything all by themselves!

And in today’s article, I’ll share with you one of their most valuable productivity secrets so that you, too, can get more done every single day.

It’s all about:


“Getting more done” isn’t about working 16 hours a day. Most times, it’s simply about freeing up a little extra time, every single day.

NBA Hall of Famer Larry Bird was known for putting in extra time every training day. Long after his teammates had gone back to the locker room, he’d still be on the court shooting three-point shots.

Even after the training facility turned the lights off, he’d continue honing his shooting skill in the dark!

As a result, Larry Bird is known as one of basketball’s best shooters in history. He led the Boston Celtics to three NBA titles, and is universally considered one of the legends of the sport.

You, too, have that ability. You can free up extra time in your day, every single day. Here’s how.


Most people work for 6-9 hours, then chill out for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of time, and many opportunities, on the table. With just a few adjustments, you can free up one or two (or even more) hours each day. Here are some of my tips you can try:

Tip #1: Perfect your daily work routine.

Remember: Before you can achieve your big goals, you got to perfect the little stuff first. So you got to become an expert at doing the little things, every single day.

If you’re a student, stick to your schedule. Go to every class. Whenever you can, do your homework during breaks or in-between classes. Develop the habit of doing things in advance.

If you’re a corporate worker, then work all 8 or 9 hours you’re on the clock. As much as possible, leave everything in the office when you clock out – don’t bring any work home.

This sets you up for my second tip…

Tip #2: Set aside an hour or two every night.

When you don’t need to do any extra work in your evenings, that means you have an extra hour or two to work on your dreams!

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian spends 4 hours each day on sedentary tasks, such as watching TV and surfing the ‘Net aimlessly. That’s crazy. So there’s little reason why you can’t free up an hour or two every night.

Instead, you can go on Google and do research on the next big thing you want to do in your life. Is it starting a business? Is it traveling the world? Is it learning a new skill or hobby?

Set aside at least one hour each night to pursue your goals. You might need to give up a TV program or two, but hey, that’s what DVR’s and weekends are for. Right?

Tip #3: Get up an hour or two earlier.

This is a success habit that many of the world’s millionaires and billionaires share. They get up at 3AM or 4AM, while the rest of the world is asleep. The house is quiet, your phone is quiet – it’s the perfect time to work on your goals!

When you get up an hour or two earlier in the morning, you can also:

  • Plan your workday, so when 8AM rolls around you just plug in and grind right through the day’s workload.
  • Do a fun exercise, which makes you happier, tougher, and more resilient.
  • Pray, meditate, and clear your mind of negativity.
  • Read a good book.

The early hours of the day and the extra hours you free up at night are your “magic hours,” which you can magically turn into anything you want. Take a look at your daily schedule and ask yourself: How many magic hours can YOU free up?

Important Reminder: Before you decide to stay up later or get up earlier, ask yourself: Are you getting enough rest at night? Because if you’re not, I recommend you develop THAT habit first before trying anything new!

In basketball, there are no ties – each game must have one winner and one loser. That’s why when the game is tied at the end of 4 quarters, they have EXTRA TIME – a few extra minutes to see who deserves the win more. And most times, the team with more energy left gets the win in the end.

So make sure you ALWAYS have some extra energy in the tank. Get enough sleep!



The three tips above should allow you to free up around two extra hours each day. Even if you only follow the tips on weekdays, two hours a day adds up to nearly three extra months a year.

(And if you make it a daily thing and free up two extra hours every single day, that goes up to FOUR extra months a year. Wow.)

Think of what you can do with three or four extra months.

You can start a business.

You can learn how to play a sport.

You can freelance and earn extra money on the side.

You can learn a crucial new skill to get ahead in your work.

You can (finally) de-clutter the house.

You can write a book.

You can become a musician.

You can put up your website.

What do you want to be, do, or accomplish this year?

Write it down, then check your daily schedule to see how many magic hours can you safely free up every single day to reach that goal.

Then get to work and make the magic happen!

If you have any good ideas on how to get more done every single day, be sure to share it with everyone in the comments section below!

Stay humble and hungry,