Eric Bailey, ‘switches on’ kids and corporates in time to kick-start the education and business year

Eric Bailey, motivational and activational speaker, former professional athlete and NBL legend, was so hungry to help those in need that he wrote, published and released his new book, Bring Your A Game, within less than a month – just in time for the start of the school and business year. Through his vision and undertakings as a key note speaker, Eric found that his audiences were lacking the guidance needed to move forward and empower their own lives. He seized the opportunity and began to record the story of his life in a way that could be used as a guidebook to help empower teenagers who lacked self-esteem right through to corporates who were looking for success, leadership and achievements in their own careers.

Bring Your A Game – book Based in Brisbane, (Australia) the former NBL player with the Hobart Devils, Melbourne Tigers and Gold Coast Rollers is a regular keynote speaker in the education and corporate sector on a global level. Eric draws on his successful career and his adversity growing up as a young, desperate man in the ‘Hood’ whom withsheer determination and mindset, has gone on to achieve incredible success. His unique and personable way of sharing his life story and lessons learned has connected with over 3 million people worldwide to date and continues to grow at a rapid rate. Eric knows that through his new book, Bring Your A Game, he will be able to help completely transform lives and change individuals, helping them to achieve success despite the challenges they may face.

The book, Bring Your A Game, helps readers navigate the waters of abandonment and anticipation to success and achievement. Based on the former NBL’s professional life as an athlete, Eric shares raw and often bitterly revealing recollections of the discrimination, economic uncertainty, loss and abandonment that served as his initiation into the world. His new book is about overcoming adversity and navigating life’s difficulties, in order to empower those feeling powerless in their own lives to go on to achieve their own personal success.

Eric Bailey says: “Just because you have been abandoned or rejected by society, an organisation or a relationship, that is no reason why you should let those challenges abandon your own goals, dreams and aspirations, if you do, you are missing out on your abundance – if you believe in yourself, and want it bad enough, you have to go out and get it yourself.”

Ocean Reeve (Publisher) says: “As Eric’s publisher I have never seen an author write and publish a book that is so amazing and inspirational (and in record time). Eric’s hunger for life has been captured in the messages within his book and I have no doubt that he will go on to help change all who read his book and comes across his path. The importance of his message was so profound that the Inhouse Publishing Team felt compelled to work tirelessly to bring Eric’s book to the market as quickly as possible.”
Book Details:

Publication Date: February 2016 – Available now
Title: Bring Your A Game (Climb the Stairs to your personal success)
Available in the online shop in eBook (PDF) format. For every book sold, Eric will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to his charity Nourish the Children.