Feeling Like a Failure?
Then Change the Channel

Are you feeling like a failure in life?

Here’s the more important question:Are you surrounding yourself with failure without even knowing it?

Let me tell you something about the Australian mountain ash tree. They’re the second-tallest trees in the world, almost as tall as the redwoods in California. But believe it or not, these enormous trees all come from a seed about 3 millimeters across.

Here’s the thing: When an Australian mountain ash seed is put in the wrong climate, or in the wrong soil, or in the wrong weather conditions, it remains JUST a tiny seed. The magnificent tree remains locked within, never to see the light of day.

Only when the environment is right will the mighty tree sprout from the seed. And when they DO sprout, they can grow for hundreds of years, reaching more than a hundred meters tall.

And that’s my message for you today. For many people, the problem isn’t that you’re NOT great – you’re simply in the wrong environment!


Here’s a quick checklist to see whether your surroundings are actually binding you to failure:

#1: You, or the People Around You, have a “Blaming” Mindset.

When things don’t go the way you want, do you tend to look for someone or something to blame? If you do, then guess what – it’s an attitude that prevents you from achieving big things.

#2: You, or the People Around You, “Hate” Certain Things.

Now, it’s normal to dislike certain things. But when you HATE things – so much that you wish something BAD would happen to it – then it means you’re focusing on precisely the wrong things in life.

#3: You Take Criticism Badly.

When someone criticizes you or your work, do you take it badly? Do you get hurt, or get defensive, or get angry? Do you start wondering whether you should be doing something else?

If you do, then it’s a sign that you rely too much on other people’s approval – and that’s going to keep you from achieving your goals in life!

Make no mistake: When you’re in the wrong environment, you tend to stay STUCK in the wrong environment until something changes. And if you’ve been stuck in an environment of negativity and failure for a long, long time… then it’s time for a CHANGE!

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Now, let me do a quick throwback to tell you what it’s like to be in the RIGHT environment…


Some of you might already know my story. When I was young, I had problems with my joints. I wanted to be a pro basketball player, but all the doctors told me the same thing: “You’ll never have a career in sports.”

Now here’s the thing: Back then, I may have been down and out. I may have been abandoned and adopted. I may have been stuck in a bad neighborhood.

But I had one thing going for me: A pair of foster parents who loved me, who nurtured me, and who surrounded me with the RIGHT environment at home. It was an environment of hope, responsibility, love, confidence, and strength.

I didn’t use my joint problems as an excuse to give up and try something else. I didn’t HATE the doctors for telling me I had no future in sports. And I didn’t lose hope.

I simply thanked my doctors for doing their jobs, went home, and got right to work. I played basketball for hours every day. I devised a playing style that didn’t put too much pressure on my joints while still letting me play on both ends of the floor. And I never gave up.

I went on to play for 14 great years in the National Basketball League.

Looking back, here’s what I’ve learned: All it took for me to prove my doctors wrong was the GOOD environment I had at home. That’s all it took. And it altered the course of my entire life.

Here’s another thing: When I was young, my doctors ALSO told me I wouldn’t amount to much because I had a learning defect. I had problems with reading. Looking back, I think I may have had mild dyslexia, and it made things REALLY tough.

Again, all I had was the right environment at home. Not only did I learn to read, but I even wrote a couple of books, and now I’m traveling the world as an activational speaker, youth mentor, and business coach.

Here’s my message: If you’re stuck in an endless cycle of failure, mediocrity, and frustration, and if you’re constantly surrounded by negativity and hate and blame, I got three words for you:


When you’re watching TV and you don’t like what’s on, you don’t sit around complaining about it, right? You change the channel until you find a show you DO like!

And that’s what you need to do in your life right now. You got to get rid of the “channels” that make you feel like a failure, and tune in to channels that propel you closer to your goals!

And that means you got to do three things:

#1: Stop Blaming. Whenever you blame someone or something for your bad luck, it means you’re secretly waiting for that someone or something to save you. Don’t wait to be saved: Instead, take responsibility for your situation!

#2: Stop Hating. Understand that there are things beyond your control in life. Forget about those things, and focus your attention and energy on the things you CAN change!

#3: Stop Waiting for Approval. Stop waiting for someone to pat you on the back. In fact, stop talking to yourself and convincing yourself you’re “doing fine.” Instead, just work, work, and work. Let your results be your motivation!

So right now, change the channels in your life. Look at your life right now, and ask yourself: What’s the one problem that’s keeping me from becoming successful?

Do you tend to look for something to blame? Do you focus too much on the things you hate? Do you rely too much on the approval of other people?

Do you hang out with the wrong kinds of people? Do you watch too much TV? Do you rely too much on your comfort zone?

Before you finish reading this article, get a sheet of paper. At the top, write down the BIGGEST BAD HABIT in your life that’s making you feel like a failure today.

Below it, write down two or three ways it’s keeping you from achieving your goals in life.

And then below that, write down two or three things you can do TODAY and THIS WEEK to get that big bad habit out of the way.

And below it, write down in BIG letters: CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

Now tape it to the wall, read it everyday, and then – most importantly – EXECUTE!

Remember, you don’t need to keep watching the same show in your life. In fact, you got to realize you’re the SCRIPTWRITER. In your life, YOU write the script, YOU run the show, and YOU decide the happy ending.

So change the channel to a better life. Stop feeling like a failure, and become the winner you were made to be.

Stay humble and hungry,


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