ALL-IN: How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Anything You Want

Want to know how to motivate yourself to achieve virtually ANYTHING in your life?

Right now, I’d like you to think about the dreams you have in your life that are NOT coming true.

In fact, I want you to think about that ONE BIG DREAM that you’ve always had. It’s that ONE BIG THING that you’ve always wanted… but you STILL don’t have, even after all these years of working and praying and trying and striving.

Maybe you’re a student and you’ve always wanted to be on the honour roll, but it’s just too hard for you.

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur whose businesses are failing one after another, and you just can’t seem to get it right.

Or maybe you’re a career person, and you’ve been stuck in the same job for too long, and you want to find your dream job with your dream company… but you just don’t know how to motivate yourself enough to either get a promotion or get out of the rat race.

Or maybe you’re a simple man or woman who just can’t get ahead of the bills, no matter how hard you work.

Whatever it is you want, wherever you are in your life, I want you to think about it. Think about the PAIN you’re going through simply because you haven’t achieved that ONE BIG GOAL in your life.

Now, let me ask you this week’s ONE BIG QUESTION:

Are you ALL-IN?

That’s right. Are you totally, completely committed to achieving your goals? Are you totally, completely, 100% committed to getting whatever it is you want out of life?

Or are you just “kinda committed”?

If you’re a student, do you not know how to motivate yourself to study… and as a result, you’re just trying to make the grade?

If you’re an employee, are you just trying to make it to 5PM every single day?

If you’re a basketball player, are you just doing enough to NOT cut from the team?

Or do you simply have a philosophy that says, “If I get what I want, that’s great… but if I don’t get what I want, that’s okay too”?

Friends, if you have this philosophy, it means you’re NOT all-in on your goals and dreams.

And when you’re NOT all-in, that means YOU GOT NO CHANCE.

Yup, you read that right. NO CHANCE. Even if you DID know how to motivate yourself to work… If you’re okay with being mediocre, or if you’re okay with being average, or if you’re okay with “just doing enough,” then you’ll NEVER reach greatness. It’s that simple.

Let me say that again: You gotta be ALL-IN.

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Here’s why. Let me tell you a story about the NBA team, the Cleveland Cavaliers…

How the Cavs Went ALL-IN This Season

Now, many of you probably already know that I was once a professional basketball player. I played on three teams in Australia’s National Basketball League in the 80’s and the 90’s. I still love the game, and I follow the NBA all season long.

Earlier this year we watched LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers win the Eastern Conference Championship. If you watched their games, you’d see it on their warmup shirts, on their posters, on their banners. Two words: ALL IN.

That was their playoff battle-cry. ALL IN. They were out to win the championship, the first major championship in Cleveland in 50 years, and they were going ALL IN.

They knew how to motivate themselves, that’s for sure!

Now, if you watched the Cavaliers in the regular season, you might remember they were a pretty bad team in the beginning. I mean, halfway through the season, they had 19 wins and 20 losses. They were LOSING!

At that point, lesser team organizations may have decided, “Look, we’re probably not going to make the playoffs this year, so let’s just give up and tank so we can get a good spot in next year’s NBA draft.”

But the Cavs didn’t do that. LeBron wouldn’t let them do that. Instead, they went ALL IN. They made some great mid-season changes and went on a tear. They torched the Eastern Conference, winning 34 of their next 43 games. Then they tore through the playoffs and reached the NBA Finals.

That’s the power of going ALL-IN! Motivating yourself is all about NOT worrying what people are saying about you, making the right adjustments, focusing on the job at hand, and grinding – good, old-fashioned hard work.

Now, some of you skeptics might be saying, “But Eric, didn’t the Cavs lose in the Finals?” YES, they did! But they were ALL IN all throughout. They didn’t have Kevin Love, they didn’t have Kyrie Irving, they didn’t have Anderson Varejao… all they had was LeBron James and a bunch of role players.

And they still took it to the Warriors. They beat them twice. They didn’t make it easy. They went down fighting.

Yup, they lost the Finals, but they won the respect of basketball fans all over the world – so much that as early as now, the Cleveland Cavaliers are actually FAVORED to win the championship next year.

Now let me ask you this: When it comes to YOUR goals and YOUR dreams, how do you motivate yourself? Do you go ALL IN? Do you give it all you got? Do you go down FIGHTING if you have to?

Or do you just “kinda want it?”

That’s what it means to be ALL IN, friends. Does going ALL IN guarantee that you’ll get what you want? No. But even if you don’t get what you want on the first try, going ALL IN brings you THAT MUCH CLOSER to your goals.

It’s just like the Cavaliers. Before this season, they missed the playoffs for four straight years. Then LeBron came on board and they went ALL-IN, and now they’re just THAT MUCH CLOSER to getting that championship.

Now do you know how to motivate yourself?

So let me ask you my second BIG QUESTION for today:

Do YOU Want to Get THAT MUCH CLOSER to Your Goals?

Or are you okay with the idea that the way you are RIGHT NOW will be the way you WILL BE for the rest of your life?

If it’s the latter for you… then you can stop reading here and now.

But if you want to get THAT MUCH CLOSER to your goals… then you know what you need to do.

You gotta be ALL IN. You gotta be COMPLETELY committed to your goals.

And I’ll help you do just that. This next exercise will teach you how to motivate yourself to achieve absolutely anything you want. Take a pen and a sheet of paper.

Number one, on the very top of the paper, write your ONE BIG GOAL. It’s the one goal that you FINALLY want to achieve this year. Choose just one, and write it down!

Number two, below your goal, write down your current situation. Write down whatever it is in your life that’s keeping you from achieving your ONE BIG GOAL.

Just be real with yourself. Let’s say you’re a student, and your ONE BIG GOAL is to make the honor roll… but you’re having trouble in Math. Write it down.

Or let’s say you want to get promoted at your job… but you waste too much time watching TV at home instead of developing the skills you need to get promoted.

Or maybe you watch too much TV, and you don’t know how to motivate yourself enough to even get off the couch.

Or maybe you have an alcohol problem. You get the idea. Whatever it is that’s binding you to failure, write it down.

Number three, I want you to list down your ideas: How do you bridge the gap? What do you need to do to get the problems from Number Two out of the way, and step closer to your ONE BIG GOAL? Write down at least two things you can do THIS WEEK.

And number four, this is important: Write the words, in big, bold letters, ALL IN at the bottom of the paper. It’s your reminder that to achieve the goal you put up top, you gotta bring it from the bottom and go ALL IN!

Now, keep that sheet of paper handy as you go through the week. And next Monday, stay tuned for my next blog post and video, where we’ll take the NEXT STEP towards your ONE BIG GOAL.

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Until then, just do the four-step exercise I gave you, and we’ll see each other again next week.

This is your boy, Eric Bailey, reminding you to STAY HUMBLE… and STAY HUNGRY.


Eric Bailey