5 Things to Look for in a Success Coach

Everyone wants to be the best they can possibly be, and for different people, that means different things.  Success can be defined in a plethora of different ways, and just as numerous as the number of ways success can be defined is the number of techniques that can be used successfully to help someone find their own version of success in their life.  A great success coach will customize your sessions so that they work well for you—not a method that works for “most” people, but one that is engineered specifically for the way you think and the lifestyle you lead.  Here are five things you should be looking for in a success coach:

  1. Find someone you click with.  It’s true that most success coaches have incredible people skills, but no matter how good their people skills, something will still seem off if you don’t click with the person.  Working together should be easy and natural; it shouldn’t even seem like work at all.
  2. A good success coach should be able to stay objective throughout the process.  It is possible to find someone that you click too well with, believe it or not.  It’s important to realize that your success coach isn’t your friend.  You should have a friendly rapport, but the person needs to be able to push you in a way that a friend never could.  A good success coach will see you for the potential you have and not for the past you are trying to leave behind.
  3. Certification is important.  Most coaching programs have very high standards when it comes to the coaches they certify, so by getting someone who is certified, you have essentially let a group with extremely high standards shorten the list of available candidates for you.
  4. Some coaches have certain specializations.  Spend some time on the websites of various success coaches and you will begin to see a pattern or two develop.  By examining the types of people they work with frequently, you will get an idea of whether you will fit in well with the rest of their clientele.  For example, some coaches may work a lot with young people, corporate workers or small business owners.  Others may spend more time with single mothers or people in very specific stages in life.  Look for a success coach whose clients seem to be a lot like you in some ways.
  5. They should hold you accountable.  One of the most important reasons to work with a success coach is accountability, and if your coach isn’t telling you how you’re doing, then it may be time to move on.  He or she should be helping to measure your success while keeping you on the path you want to be on.

Working with a success coach has the potential to change your life forever—if you find the right person to work with.  So choose your coach wisely because your ability to stay on the path to success might depend on it.