Eric Bailey and Sir Richard Branson Live at The 21st Century Financial Education Summit

• Do you spend your time wishing you were more like the most powerful entrepreneurs in the world?
• Don’t just wish you were an influential leader or were taught the skills to think like one!
• Wish you had enough motivation to change career paths, meet that ‘special someone’ or have the guts to ask your boss for a raise?
You can, with the know-how and inspiration I’m providing as one of 20 key speakers for the 21st Century Financial Education Summit on October 21-22nd at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne.
Listen to me speak, ask me your most challenging questions and probe my knowledge about making any goal you have in life come true – and accelerate your success!
Hear my story about overcoming a childhood of “nay-sayers”, a congenital disease and parents that left me for adoption, and how I turned a dire situation around to make all of my dreams come true. Learn my model for success, how I transformed my life and even get the opportunity to meet the many other speakers in action!

Here are some of the many things I’ll be speaking about:
• The importance of having a precise vision of what you want to create in life.
• Action is the fundamental key ingredient in creating momentum
• How to utilize your passion and purpose for life and connect them in preparation to make your dreams a reality!
• The importance of giving yourself to a cause or mission. It allows you to see the beauty in how blessed you really are (as well as increase your gratitude for the things you have).
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The 21st Century Financial Education Summit
Friday October 21 & Saturday October 22, 2011
Hisense Arena Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust Batman Ave Melbourne, Australia