Are You Driving The Bus?

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As a motivational speaker I really enjoy using analogies of real objects or stories to drive home me key points during presentations.

How insane would it be to be standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to turn up to take you to the place that only you knew where it was and how to get there. You see the bus has its set schedule for everyone else.  It’s programmed for the mases.  But your destination is just for you!

Drive your own bus for your success.

Destination Success, Motivation Driving the BusOne of the main obstacles that tends to lead to a failure to keep us focused on our plans is a lack of accountability of our own actions, thoughts, and emotions.  Sometimes being your own bus driver has its pitfalls and one of these is this failure to self-manage and take full accountability for all elements within your business and life.  As a motivational speaker I’m determined to stay in control.

When you think about it, isn’t it better to believe we can control our destiny by making deliberate, conscious decisions than just being passive bystanders in our own lives? This goes back to creating a life for yourself that is in line with your authenticity. With the same attention we use to build relationships and social happiness we can shape our destiny. Ask yourself where you want your life to be in five years and work backwards. Understand what you value and what makes you tick. Decide what and who you want to keep in your life, and what has run its course. Don’t sit back and let someone or something else guide you along; take the wheel and drive towards your own destination…your own destiny!

Avoid Procrastinator! All things are both urgent and important

All things are both urgent and important. They put things off until they are a ‘stress case’ they are addicted to urgency. They often say they thrive under pressure. Results – stress and anxiety, burnout, mediocre performance. The Yes-Man: Things are urgent but not important. Usually trying to please others. Loaded down with activities that are important to other people but not important to themselves – would like to say no…but don’t. They often cave into peer pressure because they do not have enough courage or backbone to turn others down. Results – reputation as a ‘pleaser’, lack discipline, feel like a doormat.

Driving the bus motivation

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Take responsibility for your results up to this point.

While most of us would like to blame others and put the responsibility on them, it’s much better to take responsibility.

  • If you take responsibility, you can fix it. If you really believe that your circumstances are someone else’s fault, what can you do?
  • Even if it is someone else’s fault, they’re unlikely to do anything to rectify the situation. It might not be your fault, but it’s still your responsibility to fix it.

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Embrace discomfort.

We’re all attracted to being comfortable. Unfortunately, is often found out site our comfort zone.

We’re generally only comfortable with the things we do on a regular basis. However, those are the same things that have led to the life you’re currently living.

  • Discomfort can be overcome by overruling your mind. Like any new activity, taking action in spite of discomfort gets easier with time.


Realize that life is short.

Imagine you’re 80 years old. How do you think you’ll look back on all the things that are challenging you now? Think about your life 20 years ago and the things that you found challenging back then. Are they the same types of issues? When I look back at my life I want to be able to say that I controlled every aspect of my journey to become Australia’s Most Versatile Motivational Speaker.


Mastering yourself is a challenging but rewarding process.

Imagine if you could get yourself to do all the things you know you should be doing. How would your life look a year from now?

Take the time today to take one mildly uncomfortable action you’ve been putting off, even if it’s just sitting down and paying your bills or calling your mother. Create the habit of doing something uncomfortable, but productive, each day. Over time, the really challenging things will become easier.


Take control and create the life you desire.

When you are driving the bus to your own success then these are the things that you master. For more information on improving your journey to your destination contact us at

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