Doing, Not Just Dreaming It

“If your dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.”

~ Don Ward


Our dreams all begin with something small – a feeling that we are meant for greatness despite our current environment; the sensation we get after making that 3 point shot; the surge of passion we have for speaking out to crowds of thousands or the adrenaline we get from writing a poem.

It doesn’t matter what you desire in life, just that you take action and find a way to make it happen.

But what if your dreams are so big you have a
hard time believing in them?

Nonsense, says all of the great artists, inventors and visionaries of the world. Spend all of your time keeping your eyes on the prize and you won’t be able to focus on the obstacles surrounding it.

Want to finally write that novel? Try out for your high school football team? Apply to law school despite being in your 40s and with an already well established career? Travel to Thailand, Budapest or finally see the Great Wall of China?

Do it. Don’t just dream it.

Most of us stop short of our dreams because we focus too much on the facts.

If no one in your family has gone to university, what makes you think you will? If you’ve been overweight since childhood, how can you possibly expect to lose those 40-50 pounds now?

Because you have a determined vision for your life, that’s why.

The facts surrounding your dream don’t count. You don’t pay attention to the obstacles standing in your way, like the disbelief from others and the judgment coming from your own mind. Stand tall, stay strong, believe in yourself and focus on the dream. That’s when the fear or disbelief of your success will lose its power and you will see life turning into what you expect it to.

Follow these steps to set your mind straight:


1. Don’t look back


B.B. King knows a thing or two about regret and sings to tell everyone about it. Make sure your dream – whatever it is – states a clear intention for the thing you want. Want to make $100,000 a year before turning 30? Begin to tell yourself with belief (that’s the key here) that you deserve it, and you control it. Keep your mind open to opportunity, and most of all, don’t look back and regret those choices you’ve made.


2.  Dream big


Leonardo da Vinci or Evander Holyfield weren’t timid about what they wanted out of life. Whether being a painter or a boxer is your calling doesn’t matter. Your mind is your canvas, meaning that whatever you want your life to look for is yours for the taking. Want to be the next heavyweight champion of the world or just simply own your own Cuban infused restaurant? It’s yours, and that dream begins happening as soon as you dare to dream it.


3.  Scout out a mentor


If you’re feeling doubtful (which every dream-catcher does from time to time) don’t wallow in self-pity. The longer you doubt yourself, the more of a hold it will take over your dreams. Act fast by following in the footsteps of someone you admire – Kobe Bryant of the Lakers, Donald Trump or your third grade teacher who taught you a thing or two about perseverance. Pick up their motivational, feel-good vibes and press on just as they have in life. What you’ll find is that your dreams are waiting for you, just as soon as you believe in yourself enough to do something about it.

“Every achiever that I have ever met says, ‘My life turned around when I began to believe in me’.”


~Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Minister