Covid-19 Guide: How to Manage Anxiety and Financial Stress During Lockdown

It is safe to say that the world is not the same. It is also safe to say that everyone was affected in one way or another by this pandemic, by Covid-19 and how it affected the world. I was struck hard by the pandemic. My life has drastically changed since 2020, and I can affirm that I am not the same person I was when this all started.

My business was affected, my family was affected, my friends were affected, my business partners were affected, my physical and mental health was affected. The anxiety and financial stress are taking a heavy toll on so many people.

In my most recent book, Going for Gold, I openly share my experience since Covid-19 struck my life in the most devastating way, how I had to overcome many obstacles, including my anxiety rising to the top and financial loss.

Changing our routines, family dynamics, businesses, and everything we thought we knew is not the same anymore. With the increased number of cases in Australia and the lockdown happening in some parts of the country, where many non-essential businesses are closed, and most school students are staying home, with residents only allowed outside their homes for essential activities and some exercise, it is safe to say that maintaining our mental stability is an arduous task, to say the least.

According to research conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, “between 16 March 2020 and 24 January 2021, almost 11.5 million MBS-subsidised mental health-related services were delivered nationally. And these numbers continue to climb up.

As a motivational speaker, I have been across Australia and in over 13 countries speaking to students and school staff about mental illness and the heavy effect on our ability to continue living a balanced life. How to thrive while suffering from anxiety, fear, and depression. And how to overcome the obstacles in our lives to evolve continually and self-develop.

Now, with the lockdown happening, parents having to juggle between work and homeschooling their kids. On the other hand, the kids are deprived of their regular school routine, their social interaction. The mental effect that is causing in both parents and the kids can be life-changing. I understand how the stress will be at a high level.

However, there are tools and strategies that you can implement in your daily routine to help you to combat these feelings and look to thrive out of restrictions and lockdown.

  • Know your triggers

I guess here is the first and most important piece of advice I can give you. Prioritize your well-being, your mental stability. What triggers your anxiety? Are you overthinking some aspects and not focusing on what really matters?

The strategy here is to focus on the present and not to worry too much about the future. Focus on what you can control, and do not suffer for something that is out of your control.

  • Read books

Books are a great way to keep our minds focused on something else. It can reduce stress, improve our mental health, and even helping us to live longer.

My suggestion is to give preference to topics that can help you improve and learn more ways to go through this moment, such as personal development, health, wealth, and spiritual and family relationships.

  • Stay active

Keeping your physical health is as important as your mental stability. Create a routine of exercise and stay active.

A 2018 study published in The Lancet Psychiatry found that 45 minutes of exercise three to five times per week was associated with the most significant mental health benefits.

  • Create a routine for you and your family

Ok, so you are stuck at home with the kids and still have to find a way to work from home and continue your workflow, right?

Create a routine for you and for the kids. Designate areas in the house for your work and the kids while homeschooling. The more organized you are, the better the flow of your family and your home.

  • Ask for help

Always seek help when you need to find new ways to cope with your feelings, emotions, and financial advice. Ask for help, talk to someone. Remember: you are not alone. We are all in this together.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that we all need help, and finding ways to cope with these feelings, emotions, physical and financial distress is what will keep us safe and sound to the end.


Written with the 2021 Olympics and Post Covid-19 in mind, Eric Bailey does share not only his personal stories but also his strategies and tools to help us all thrive in our lives, Going for Gold. Click on the link for your playbook to win the Gold…And Live Yout Personal Best.