Eric Bailey: Brisbane Best Motivational Speaker

Brisbane best motivational speaker - Eric Bailey



Is it important to you that you invest your time, resources and budget into an motivational speaker who will not just make the audience feel good for a day. But give tools and support for lasting results long after the event is finished.

Eric Bailey will Activate your clients and organization not just through inspirational words but his life experiences in professional sport, sales, executive management, business ownership, and over 30 years of being considered one of the Best Motivational/ Inspirational and Conference Speakers in Australia.

Do you want to get your staff to have bigger dreams for themselves and the organization?


Eric Bailey has easily been considered as Australia’s Most Versatile Motivational Speaker. With over 4000 Motivational presentations under his belt expanding throughout 13 countries. This is a testament that Brisbane’s Best Motivational Speaker has proven true crossover appeal.

Eric’s leadership, motivational and keynote presentations have been tailored to high schools, universities, private enterprise, direct sales industries, corporate/government organization’s, personal development events and not for profits.

Do you want to motivate, empower and inspire your clients at your next conference?

Having Eric Bailey: Brisbane’s Best Motivational Speaker travel to your conference or event will provide:

  1. An Energetic Voice

If your company has been working to shift company culture, adapt to change or motivate employees… and you are  experiencing slow or reduced results, then Eric Bailey an outside motivational speaker may make the difference by injecting an compelling message with enthusiasm and high energy that will resonate and provoke an emotional and immediate positive action.

  1. Fresh Approach

Great leadership/ motivational speakers and Activational coaches offer different and exciting  ways of viewing things. Their innovative and dynamic approach is designed to foster creative thinking and nurture new ideas, and facilitate  solutions. Bringing in Eric Bailey as an Motivational Speaker is ideally the first step.

  1. Have Fun Learning

One of the biggest positive traits of an effective Motivational speaker is to make learning fun and interesting. It’s not the same old boring day, but a chance to stretch intellectually and have fun doing it. Great training provides specific knowledge that sticks with the audience. The more you learn…the more your earn!

  1. Understand Your Industry or Company Needs.

The best motivational speakers are not generalists or geared toward a small niche. They take the time to get the insider knowledge to comprehend the specific challenges and problems that face your people. When you interview your Motivational Speakers insure they understand exactly what’s going on in YOUR company and that they can offer real-time and have experiences real-life challenges that they have dealt with and overcome. Eric Bailey’s keynotes and conference presentations all include the remarkable resilience and mental toughness it took to overcome the odds of making it out of poverty and a HOOD mentality. Your audience will experience an gut check.

If your organization is based in Brisbane, Queensland and you are looking for someone who is local and been living in Brisbane since 1996 then for your next conference, workshop or event here is your opportunity to connect with Brisbane’s Best Motivational Speaker.

Anywhere in Australia you can contact Australia’s Most Versatile Motivational Speaker for motivational presentations, sales conferences, personal development workshops and leadership trainings.