Are you a Blamer?

[fancy_header type=”1″]Are you a Blamer?[/fancy_header]
Everyone knows self-confidence is crucial for success but do you really know how  important it is? If you believe in yourself and what you are capable of, then surely  everyone else will too. So being successful starts with you – not what everyone else  thinks about you but what you believe you are capable of! But what if you don’t always  succeed? Is that so bad?

We seem to have developed into a society of blamer – yes, you know what I mean! If  for whatever reason we don’t succeed we blame our parents, our upbringing, our  neighborhood, our teachers, our school, the government ….. the list goes on! Why do we  do this? Why don’t we just look at our circumstances – our laziness, our self-interest and  look within for the reasons we don’t succeed? Why? The reason is simple! We want  everyone to see us as being successful in all aspects of our life. The media don’t help –  they highlight human interest stories about social climbers and parents who ensure their  children get the best of everything plus the 6 sports they do (brilliantly well – of course!)

I seem to remember learning from a young age – ‘Learn from your mistakes’.  Unfortunately, I haven’t heard this saying for many years. I believe that we all become  much stronger and wiser by failing, making a mistake or being in challenging  circumstances rather than everything in life just rolling along smoothly. No doubt it is  easier to find a multitude of reasons instead of just looking within, accepting  responsibility and working out how to build up that self-confidence again.

I believe it is time that we all got back to basics and stop blaming those around us for our  circumstances. Don’t be a blamer. Be someone who becomes a better person, by learning  from all that life throws at you – the good and the challenging! Be someone who is a  role-model to the younger generations. Be someone who shows respect to everyone you  come in contact with.

Look within for the answers. You will be amazed with what you will find.