Accelerate To Activate

On a lonely day, sitting idle; have you ever got a feeling about yourself that you can do much better, attain much more, reach new levels, achieve more goals and make something good out of your life?

I bet you did!

Don’t worry I will handle all of this for you, make you walk the right path and lead you to your goals and then once you have the right sense of direction, I will sit back with a sense of relief and watch, how it helped you activate your power.
This book of mine will make your life much easy and meaningful because all my experiences and knowledge is at your disposal. Working with millions of people throughout my life has helped me change countless lives into something worth living. When people open up to me and ask me how to change their lives and lifestyle, I feel honoured and loved because they place their trusts inside me. I have too many stories to share but if I start sharing everyone one of it, it will most certainly take forever to narrate. What I will do is guide you good folks towards the right path.
Let me assure all of you, you should not give up your dreams because dreams are precious!

Dreams are a person’s true feelings about something he desires the most. But it is very saddening for me that many of you are sabotaging your own dreams just by listening to people who say, “YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF DOING IT!” and there goes your dream down the drain! Let me tell you something, “Have Faith”. If you aim high and stay strong YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING!  Believe me because I personally have been there….There was this time when me and my team playing in a championship our teams performance was not good at all. When we were in the locker room just before the game, all the team mates started saying we wish we would not lose by a large margin or in simple words we lose but also keep our dignity. I was like, LOSING IS LOSING only if by 2 points or 10 points and there is no dignity in that! We need to at least show up and fight for it. After I confronted my team mates and they listened to me, there was this sudden change in the environment, there was this burning fire in every players eyes, a desire to win at all costs, everyone stopped making excuses and started to believe in themselves. You know what happened? WE WON! We showed up, we won by 2 points. I hit the winning shot with 3 seconds to go in the game. Because when you at least show up, you put yourself in a position to achieve great things.
Another secret I would like to share with you is that, How to Aim Higher? The answer to this simple question is; Keep a winning and high expectations attitude! And “you” most like me will end up sharing a stage with some of the world’s most well know people like, Sir Richard Branson, Former Prime Minister John Howard, Eddie McGuire, Timothy Ferris, Jamie McIntyre, Ben Johnson, Serena Williams. Sounds good, no? It’s doable because if I can do it “You” can do it! I’m not claiming to be anything special here: I’m just a regular guy who learned what you can achieve when you change your expectations from low, to high. If you let the world dictate you your future then believe me you don’t have any future. You need to have a clear vision of what you want to be, what change you need in your life so that you can achieve your dreams.

We’ve all skipped lunch before. You know the feeling when you’ve missed lunch and your stomach is growling and beginning to ache. You can’t focus, and soon every television commercial for any kind of food looks absolutely delicious! Am I right? You know what I’m talking about! Then after a while you can’t take it anymore and you drop everything and you go and get yourself some lunch. When you’re at that point, you’ll stop at nothing, for no one, until you’ve had your lunch. I want you to be that hungry for results. I want you to feel the growling of your stomach and want great results so badly you can taste it. Aim high! Do not and I repeat do not take short cuts to achieve your goals, work hard and stay determined and trust me you will have your fill someday soon.

One nasty habit that you need to get out of is the ‘but’ habit. When you consider where you want to be in one, two or ten years and then put a BUT right next to it! You cosy up next to the most favourite excuse “BUT”. Why don’t you believe in yourself and just say that I can do what I want to do, when I want to do it. C’mon! For once let yourself off the hook for a moment and fight for your dreams. Stay focused and dream without making any excuses for something. It’s almost as if everyone were so afraid of success that they would be willing to do everything in their power to avoid it. Don’t be afraid of success of or having dreams and goals and chasing them down with every effort of your being. Aim high. Aim as high as you like. Aim ten times higher than the expectations of your friends, family and competitors. You’ll be surprised at the results.


Nothing is Impossible only if you put heart, mind, and soul to it! What if you wanted something you love so badly and someone told you that you wouldn’t be any good at it or it wouldn’t work out for you as you want it to and you believed them! Increase your appetite for success, and then make sure you have a plan to implement it. But remember, the plan is secondary. What matters now is the vision itself – having the vision and the big dream to chase.
Among other things, this one advice I particularly focus upon is to “STAY POSTIVE”. You ever imagined why things go bad particularly for you only when you see other people around you enjoying their lives to the fullest potential possible? Ever wonder there might be something wrong with you? Let me tell you this, it’s not you! Here are 5 major enemies that you will face every single day which sabotage your dreams and goals.

• Negative people
• Negative Media
• Drugs and Alcohol
• Bad Diet
• Lack of exercise

When you examine these potential enemies to your happiness and your success, you will see how life starts to change for good. You need to get rid of these menaces because they only seek to destroy you and your life.
In the end I would like say is that, whatever position you’re in, whether you’re single or part of a large family, whether you’re fit or not, rich or poor, whether you’re young or old, this can be the start of something new in your life. You can turn this thing around! It’s possible to rewire your brain to combat negativity and create more positive, affirming thoughts and attitudes. I hope all of you get my “Free Workbook” and follow the workbook and Daily Challenges because if you do, you’ll start to see immediate results in the tiny actions you take every day. Remember, wherever you are in life, whatever places you’re at, I want you to remember these things: Show up. Increase your Appetite. Stop sleeping with the enemy. This way you can experience more satisfaction and fulfilment than ever before.

“If you don’t play, you can’t win”. You need to Activate your Potential!

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