Becoming a successful leader is something that many wish, but not everyone will be able to accomplish. Why? Because influential leaders have not only the skills but also think differently and act differently.

Look at some of the most successful organizations you can think of. What do you notice about the qualities of their leaders? What is something that stands out for you in their leadership style?

What do you think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk did differently than others? Why did they become such influential and successful?

By definition, leaders are visionaries and have the ability to inspire people to believe in their vision. There is no one-size-fits-all leadership formula, but there are some things many highly successful business leaders do that differentiate them from others.

What makes an effective leader?

Good leaders often possess various “leadership qualities,” such as creativity, motivation, vision, and empathy. However, the most successful leaders can adapt to the needs of different situations, employing their diverse set of leadership skills to achieve their goals.

What do successful leaders do differently?

  1. Be present, make connections

Successful leaders not only build networks but also nurture the connections they make. They make time for their clients and colleagues. They make time for people they mentor. Great leaders listen to what others have to say and encourage creativity and communication.

  1. Be strong, not harsh

Strength is an essential quality in a leader. People seek courage in their leaders. Leaders are the ones that can make difficult decisions for the well-being of the organization and the team. However, many leaders mistake domineering, controlling, and harsh behavior for strength. Those are not the same, and leaders should never try to impose their way. The team will not respond well.

  1. Be confident, not arrogant

Confidence in leadership is very important. Successful leaders are confident in their potential and in their ability to bring the team and organization to the next level. It is essential not to mix confidence with arrogance. The leader who does not understand the difference will not be the role model for others.

  1. Be positive but realistic

A great leader looks to the positive side in every situation to bring up the morale of the team and keep the organization in an excellent environment to work. However, a great leader is always realistic about the problems in the team and the organization. Still, it will encourage the team to bring solutions, not dragging everyone down.

  1. Be the role model, believable

Influential leaders inspire trust and admiration through their actions, not just their words. The team will lookup for the leader as they believe in what they say and how they do. Being a great role model means taking actionable steps to improve the organization and help those around you.

The Bottom Line

Successful and influential leaders will lead by example. They are passionate about their job, believe in their capabilities, encourage the team, manage pessimistic thinking, and show their weakness. Outstanding leadership is dynamic; it melds unique skills into an integrated whole.

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