5 reasons why I became a motivational speaker

motivational speaker

What if you can make money by talking? That would be an ideal job for the talkative individual. But that’s not only the case because you have to talk sense in-front of thousands of people. Let’s talk about the latest trends in 2019 which is entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship isn’t only about opening the company, hiring the people, start earning and enjoying the rest of your life in money; entrepreneurship trend is changing from earning profits only to diverse unconventional aspect such as solving the issues of societies and even inspiring the people what they love to do.

The new wave of Motivation Speaking is now hitting the world as a career opportunity where you can motivate newbie, youth, businesses, and students to reach the milestones in a whole different way.

With motivational speaking being the criteria, Entrepreneur Australia analyses the trend and the top reasons why the new wave is catching up the fire so rapidly.

motivational speaker
motivational speaker

Making Differences in People’s Lives

Look around yourself and you’ll see three types of people; those who hate their work, those who tolerate their work and those who complain bitterly. There are few people around the globe who love their work and passionate about it and the reason behind the love for their work is “Motivation” to go bigger, achieve the goals and off-course change the world for better.

But those who love their work can motivate other persons to stop complaining about their work and make a habit of loving your work.  Here are some positive ways which you can adopt to be a role model in someone’s life.

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  • Dedicate yourself to the things which are your obligations
  • Always try to make yourself a better person
  • Engage with the people in an open and mutually beneficial way
  • Spread out your knowledge to the ones who don’t know about it
  • Uplift others and motivate them

Present unconventional approaches

The foremost purpose of a motivational speaker is to get you to take the unconventional approaches so that you can reach your milestones or goals in a unique and better way. For example, if you want to get a job and you’ve no clue how to get a job, then here are 6 unconventional ways to find a job.

  • Set everything up and forget about the rest
  • Don’t stress over your personal brand
  • Pitch your ideas to the potential employees
  • Ask people out for the coffee
  • Upgrade your Resume
  • Mail a personal note

Bring out true entrepreneurship spirit

The spirit of entrepreneurship is to empower people and bring the best out of them through motivational speaking. Look, bringing the passion towards your work is a must thing but if you’re unable to bring the passion towards your work then you’d probably end up leaving your job and being a Motivational Speaker isn’t easy as its look like.

Here’s how you can bring passion to your work.

  • Take the risk and conquer your fear because you might be working where you feel comfortable but you’re passionate about your work.
  • Hold yourself accountable because following the passion isn’t easy
  • Figure out all your priorities
  • Talk to your co-workers
  • Stay positive

Analyze the value of Life

The best part of being a motivational speaker in 2019 is the fact that the importance of life and why it is worth living could be explored in detail. According to the news reports, mental stress is the main cause of people not going on the right track and this is where Motivational speaker can help you grow at swift rates.

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You should ask yourself these questions and you’ll get to know about how you want to live your life.

  • Which job should I pursue?
  • Should I accept the promotions?
  • Should I start my own business?
  • Should I compromise or be firm with my position?
  • Should I follow the traditions or travel down a new path?

Move forward and don’t repeat the mistakes

Moving forward is always the best way to go and not repeating the previous mistakes will give you a boost and energy to follow the new path. Here are the hard steps which you need to take when moving forward in your life.

  • Always practice thinking better about yourself
  • Change, evolve and start over when you must
  • Let go off the things which you don’t need in your life
  • Accept your mistakes and move on